Pleasant Places

Several verses have been in my mind this week. One is John 14:1 and following:

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me.

It is too easy for us to allow doubt, fear, and worry to consume us when every form of media is blasting at us 24/7 to doubt, fear, and worry. That’s why so many people are clearing store shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, tissue, and other products considered to be essential for the duration. When this present danger is a thing of the past, I would love to see a poll about how how many people have rooms filled with all the stuff they took off the shelves, leaving nothing for others who needed the same products.

By the way, a bar of soap will do as much as all the hand sanitizers to protect against the virus. Many hand sanitizers have a strong alcohol content, which I’m learning dries my skin and leaves me needing lotion. You can see a good article here.

The main verse I’ve been thinking about, though, is Psalm 16:6.

“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

I’ve loved this verse, the whole Psalm, really, for a very long time. And it became even more meaning years ago when I first heard this song:

Right now, it would be easy to fail to recognize whatever pleasant places you may have. Can you remember, though, a time when you wished you could just stay home for a while? Especially when we consider that there are those who MUST plan to work every day: Police officers, health and medical workers, fire departments, utility service people, and many others are not getting time off.

“But what about paying my bills?” Yes, I understand that is a deep concern. Remember that God is the Creator and Owner of everything, and He has always supplied our needs when we seek Him. So far, today’s needs don’t hold a candle to the years of the Great Depression. This, too, shall pass.

I’m not saying we should just sit back and meditate. We need to take whatever steps we can toward staying healthy. However, worry, doubt and fear do NOT lead to health. Rather, they increase blood pressure, poor immune systems, and an overdose of adrenaline and cortisol as well as headaches and poor sleep.

Why worry, when you can pray?

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