No Reproof from Disciples

John 4:27. “And upon this came His disciples, and marvelled that He talked with the woman: yet no man said, What seekest Thou? or, Why talkest Thou with her?”

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Keeping in mind that this event occurred fairly early in Jesus’ ministry, it would be easy to assume that these new followers of Christ were shocked, full of disapproval at Jesus’ breach of the rules of Jewish behavior toward Samaritans, and toward women.

However, we are told that not one of them questioned Him. Not one of them reproved Him. Not one of them upbraided the woman and tried to chase her off.

What they had already learned was that Jesus always had a reason for doing whatever He did. He did not always abide by the cultural habits of the rabbis; He went His own way, and His disciples had learned that He always knew what was right and acceptable not to the Jewish leaders, but to God.

Later, in Acts 5:29. Peter, one of the earliest disciples, declared simply, “We must obey God rather than man.” He learned it early, and carried it with him to his own execution. Did he ever deviate from that path? Yes. He was only human, and sometimes we humans are consumed by fear. But he grew stronger the longer he stayed close to the Lord.

So can we. The days are coming, I am sure, when our refusal as Christians to bend to the will of a godless government will take us to dangerous and frightening places. The temptation to escape from danger by simple conformity will be strong. We in America, especially, have not truly been put to the test, but there is more momentum all the time to insist that we bow to that which we find biblically wrong.

If we are to stay strong, we’d do well to stay in prayer; to know from God’s Word why we stand where we stand, and to be willing to suffer for it if that is where God leads.

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