Sunday Morning Coffee: The Friendship of Women

When you’ve always moved around a lot, you don’t have those “best friends since kindergarten” relationships. You make friends you really love, but then you move again, and sometimes absence and distance just don’t make the heart grow fonder.

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Then your life changes, you stay in one place longer, you settle into wonderful friendships that started at church, so your bond is joined with faith, and you begin to hope that you won’t move ever again. But you do. Time passes, some friendships remain, but the years pass.

Then you get a phone call, and you go back. You find the old friends are still your friends, and you make new ones. But things happen, and you have to leave the church you loved. Some friendships are destroyed because leaving a church is always hurtful.

But you find a new place. It’s a little harder. You’re older, your kids are all grown up. It takes longer to start making connections that blossom into friendships, but slowly it does happen.

And then, one morning in a Bible study, the women in the classroom begin to share with each other. Some of these women have known each other a long time, but have never talked quite so openly. There are tears, there is laughter, there is bonding and a realization that all of us have stories that we don’t share with many other people.

Through our stories, we may hurt; we may cry; we may feel as if the world will never come right again. But slowly, as we walk with the Lord, stay in His Word, pray, and learn forgiveness, things do heal. We do go on. We’ll always have scars, but they won’t always be raw and painful.

One of the things we learn is that God’s got it, anyway. We don’t need to solve everything. We just need to be obedient, and trust His love and grace. He will show us how we can be a blessing to someone else.

There is something very special about the fellowship of women; godly women who don’t gossip, who don’t judge, but who share in grace and patience and understanding.

I hope the next move will be to heaven. But even if it’s not, I have confidence that these friendships will always have a special place in my heart–along with many others along the backtrail of my life. Rich in friends, rich in God’s love. Rich in my family. It’s all good.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: The Friendship of Women

  1. I could have written something very similar. During some traumatic years in the 90’s I used the Biblical example of the four friends who brought the paralytic man to Jesus by lowering the friend through a roof to get him there. I selected four friends who pledged to pray with and for me often. Two friends were local and two were back “home” in Minnesota. They were great, sent me cards, called me to check up on me, and sustained me thorough those months of indecision. One of them is now in Heaven. It took humility on my part to ask them to partake in my pain, but they stepped in and brought sometimes just a smile and hug in passing. It meant so much and still does. We don’t stay in touch like we did when I lived in another state, but we do stay in touch. Then there are the long-term friendships, like ours, that endure for all time. Oddly, we never felt as if we needed to “break in” but just blossomed and has endured. Miles has never diminished it. Thank you.

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