Sunday Morning Coffee: Migraines are Horrible

Sometime during the past week, I started to become aware of a nagging tension headache. You know what I mean if you have migraines. I used every relaxing technique I know. Used lavender essential oils , put a drop of peppermint oil in my soft palate. Thought I had chased it away, but last night it peeked around the corner, gave a sinister laugh, and dug its way into my head with its sharp talons.

No fair. No fair at all.

Image result for cartoon of someone having a terrible headache

When in agony, make a joke. Laughter, at this point, is the only medicine that has any impact.

I haven’t had one this bad in a very long time. Used to get them regularly, but once I got through menopause they went away—well, almost went away. I think one shows up every now and then just to remind me that I’m still vulnerable.

Last night, light hurt. Noise hurt. Walking from the living room to the bedroom hurt. The only thing that felt comfortable was letting my head sink into my wonderful My Pillows. Sleep was elusive for a while, but finally around 2 a.m. I felt myself drifting off. It’s better this morning, but if you have migraines, you know how weak you feel when it’s receding. A migraine never just quits. It hangs on for dear life, but slowly, the talons release their grip. I’m home, though, missing church for the first time in several weeks. Just getting up and getting dressed was as much as I could handle.

As I sank into my pillows last night, cocooned on my wonderful bed under my weighted blanket, I thought about some of my favorite verses. Psalm 91:4. “He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

As I lay there thinking about God sheltering me under His wings, like a hen does for her chicks, I began thinking about all the protection surrounding me. My husband, who always does his best to take care of me. My warm, welcoming bed. My comfortable house. Friends. Family. A good church with a godly pastor. Effective medication. Hope for the next day, because I knew the crisis was passing.

The more I focused on my blessings, the more I could sense the protection of being under His wings.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Migraines are Horrible

  1. That’s like me Early Saturday. I couldn’t sleep for some time then woke after a couple hours with a bad headache that didn’t want to go away. I used to get the very badly before they put me on meds for my heart years ago. They supposedly use them for migranes as well. I think it’s going around with all the stress in our world lately. Take care & God bless.

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