Darkness Cannot Defeat the Light!

John 1:5. And the Light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

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I’m getting a late start today because of a couple of early appointments. Someone has said that the reason for retirement is so you have time to keep all your medical appointments. . . .

Anyway. I think it’s important to connect the previous verse to this one: John 1:4. “In Him was life; and the life was the Light of men.”

When we have finished this chapter, I hope you will go back and read from verse one through at least verse 14, because it’s all one theme, one central truth, and it doesn’t end at the end of Chapter One. The cohesiveness of this book is that Jesus Christ is the central figure; Jesus was the Word; He was the Light; He is the Life of man.

Jesus is the Light. He is the Life. Without Him, we are lost. Innate in most people is a fear, or at least a sense of caution, toward both death and darkness. Without the Light, death and darkness are the unknown, and we tend to fear what we do not understand. The darkness could not overcome, or defeat, the Light.

Even at the Cross, where there was darkness during the day, Jesus defeated the darkness permanently. He had the victory, and even though Satan still wages war on all that God loves, he is already defeated and he knows it. Satan and darkness cannot overcome the Light of the World!

That should bring a hallelujah! to your lips, a hand raised in worship to God, a tear or two in the eye. We HAVE the Light! We no longer need to fear darkness and death, because Jesus has overcome all of it. For our sake. For our eternal home in heaven. For our right standing with God.

His Light will never, ever be overcome; it will never be defeated, turned off, abolished. There are certainly dark days ahead before Jesus comes to establish His earthly kingdom, but don’t be afraid. No matter what, we stand victorious in His Name!

2 thoughts on “Darkness Cannot Defeat the Light!

  1. james

    In that verse it says the darkness hasn’t commprehended the light.To defeat a foe you must understand them.Satan does not understand the love of God ,therefore he can’t experience nor defeat God’s love for us. Meaning e also can’t take it from us either. Thank you for Jesus .Can i get an amen?

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