Walmart Whine

Well, it’s really not so much about Walmart, except that they’re in yet ANOTHER reorganization of their stock. Just about the time I get it all memorized, they go and change it again. I wonder why they put the candy in the same aisle as the soup.

It’s more about some of the customers there who use those electronic carts, as I do.

Convenient, easy to use.

So what’s the problem?

The people who use them but have no thought for anyone else who needs the carts.

Leaving them in the parking lot. Leaving them blocking the lobby. Not plugging them in, so they’re unusable until they’re recharged. Using them as a comfy place to take a smoke break when there are no more left for people who need them.

When I entered the store today, there were three carts available. Only one was plugged in. The other two were left sitting right where the occupant left them, blocking the entrance and blocking access to the only usable cart. Also, people had left other, regular carts helter-skelter, blocking access to the electric ones as well.

In order to get to the one that was plugged in, I had to go find a guy who could move the other two and help me clear the regular carts out of the way.

Granted, it’s not an earthshaking, life-changing disaster. On the Richter Scale, it would be negligible. A tempest in a teapot. And it will not ruin my life. Not even my day.

It does puzzle me, though, that the people who need these carts, who rely on them, can be so careless and haphazard about parking them properly and plugging them in for the next person.

Ranks right up there with the putz who grabs the last seat on the bus and leaves a frail little old lady standing in the aisle; or the person who reaches across you and takes both of the last two cartons of milk that you were clearly interested in. Or a kid I remember in one of my classes who pushed a girl aside so he could get to the head of the line. He told me that boys always come ahead of girls.

He knows better now.

These folks would get a big “Needs Improvement” on their kindergarten report cards in the categories “Is Considerate and Polite” and “Plays well with others.”

9 thoughts on “Walmart Whine

  1. time to have a dollar rental which is returned upon returning the motorized cart & plugging it in as does Aldi’s with their quarter cart rental which is returned when you return the cart! With out technology of today I’m sure someone could figure out just how to adapt the motorized cart to return the dollar upon plugging it in… possibly on the plug unit itself?? What ya think???

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  2. To further help, Walmart could take a lesson from Kroger stores. My local Kroger store has about six or either electric trolley carts that are always lined up neatly and ready to go. Once in awhile they are all in use but not very often. I pulled the Achilles Tendon in one foot and have been nursing it for weeks so I finally caved in and decided to use the electric carts. It seems the WM ones are as you describe but the Kroger carts are always neat and ready to go, and I might add, much cleaner. In addition, Kroger has the handy little carts–short but has stacked baskets so you can get a lot in them. I look at them as glorified walkers! Our new Kroger Marketplace store has given some stiff competition to WM.

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    1. Interesting. I wonder if someone is assigned to keep them lined up, plugged in. Maybe I’ll write a letter to Walmart. It sure would be nice to have them like that. Bottom line, though, is that people who use them just need to be more responsible.

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  3. People can be messy! When I worked in retail I saw this stuff all the time, and it was my job to get all the carts back in their respective places. I found it quite satisfying to do, even though I knew the work would be undone five minutes later šŸ™‚

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