Sunday Morning Coffee: Moving

I had some memories stirred up yesterday. We stopped in on someone who is in the middle of a move, and suddenly all the years of moving were running like a movie in my head.

We’ve been in our present house for 25 years. That’s an incredible record. In our first 25 years of marriage, we moved nine times. Growing up, I’ve lost count of how often we moved. It was amazing that I got to do my three years of high school in one house, one school. Heavenly.

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I did become quite an expert at packing up a household, though. I’m organized by nature, and watching my mom handle all those moves taught me a lot about how to do it efficiently. It’s also a very good time to throw out things you found at the back of your closet and had forgotten you had 🙂

It’s also a time for reminiscing. Each apartment or house you live in becomes a part of your history. The place you lost your first tooth; where you first became determined to learn to play the piano; where your love of music began. The place where you learned to read, to roller skate, to swim, to play tetherball. The house you lived in when your first boyfriend called you after school because he was too shy to talk to you face to face 🙂

So many things that became an ongoing part of your life are connected with each place in which you live. So yes, the memories are still running like a movie in my head.

Also, I’ve been thinking about that final move we all make–the move into eternity. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was just a little girl. I know I’m on my way to heaven, not because I am good, but because He is good.

I won’t be packing up anything to take with me. All my treasures, like my dolls and my teapots, will be outclassed completely by what awaits in heaven. There’s nothing I’ve needed down here that I will still need up there.

What I will take with me is an excited heart to see Jesus. And I will take an intense curiosity about what heaven holds, and there will be an eternity to discover all that awaits us there.

Do you know Him? If you’re not sure, please leave a comment and I will be glad to correspond with you about how you can know the Savior.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Moving

  1. You hit something here, Linda. I have also lived in many places and have clear memories of each. Life was sometimes a roller coaster and we had no overall perspective of the ride. That would come later. In reminiscing, we perceive so much more than we saw then and we realize important moments that were not seen as such at the time, or we had little time for proper appreciation. All those times and places lead us to the present and a better idea of the road behind us, which should put our minds on the road before us, as you have done. Looking back can be a very good thing, but looking forward is more important. Eternity road is the one that matters most. Like you, I look forward, I look SO forward, to seeing our Lord Jesus, the one who made it all possible, and being in a place where He is appreciated, respected, honored, and loved as the great one that He is—the greatest one.

    Thank you and Be Blessed.

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