Sunday Morning Coffee: Thoughts

I really don’t know where my thoughts are going to take me this morning. They’re a bit random, to tell the truth.

So I was thinking: Two weeks ago we got on an airplane in Philadelphia; had a layover in Toronto, and landed in London. From there, we went to Islip near Oxford, and by the time we got there we’d connected with just about everyone who was coming. And all of that in about 12 hours.

Think of that. We went to one country, then across the ocean, to London and Oxford in just 12 hours. It used to take people months to cross the ocean in a little sailing ship, risking everything to make the journey, not really knowing how they would survive. They left everything they knew, knowing it was a final goodbye.

Image result for The Mayflower

Later, people moved westward across our country, piling all they could into a covered wagon, journeying into unknown territory to find their heart’s desire of a perfect place to start a new life. Some sickened and died on the way; some died in childbirth; some died or were taken captive by native tribes. But more made it all the way. A new start, a new life, a load of hard work and unanswered questions.

Image result for wagon train

Today, we have an ever-shrinking world where the new frontiers have all been crossed. All but one.

Back in the height of missionary work, people traveled for months sometimes to reach the country they believed God was leading them to, to preach the gospel and win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Some didn’t survive the trip. Others sickened and died on the mission field. Some were in great danger from people who didn’t trust them, thought they were evil, Some were imprisoned; some were killed.

There are still frontiers to cross with the gospel of Christ. There are amazing things happening in places that have resisted Christianity for generations. And there are still places that are not open to the gospel, and that are actively persecuting Christians.

Image result for Rapture of the Church

Only God knows when Jesus will come to take His church out of this sin-sick world, and the rest, who are left behind, will suffer seven years of unimaginable tribulation. Armageddon. And the establishment of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ; the final captivity of Satan and his demons; and the beginning of eternity for all believers. Heaven will hold no boundaries of time, sickness, death, sorrow. Only goodness; only the presence of Jesus to bring constant joy and peace.

This life, I’m learning, is very short. And if we know the Lord, we have more to look forward to than we can ever imagine.

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