A Correction

On June 24, I wrote this: “Solomon’s two sons, under whom the kingdom was divided, were fairly young. Rehoboam became king over Israel, but refused to listen to his wise older counselors and created horrible conditions for his people. To some degree, he was simply following Solomon’s example. Solomon had conscripted 30,000 men to labor in building his great structures. They were, essentially, slaves. They had no control over their lives once Solomon drafted them to his service”

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My smart husband, who spends many hours in his Bible, was reading this last night and told me I was mistaken. It is true that Rehoboam was Solomon’s son; Jereboam, however, was not. He was the son of Nebat, and a servant of Solomon’s.

You can read his story starting in I Kings 11:26. It’s a very sad story. Before Jereboam is mentioned, the scriptures detail Solomon’s fall away from God. God had warned him not to become involved with the strange gods of his 300 wives and 700 concubines, but he did it because he loved the women. He participated in their sacrifices, forsaking his God-given wisdom and the clear warnings God gave him.

Jereboam proved himself as a young man to be a good worker and solid leader. Also, God had singled him out for leadership as the first king of Israel under the divided kingdom. God allowed Solomon to remain king of the united kingdom until his death. God did so to honor His promise to David, and separated out Jerusalem and Judah for Rehoboam, whose line would continue and eventually produce Jesus Christ, Lion of Judah.

I apologize for the error. I’m usually more careful in my research but this time I wasn’t. If you were confused, you were right to be so.

Pobody’s nerfect 🙂

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