The Fame and Glory of God

Isaiah 66: 18-19.

18 For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see My glory.

19 And I will set a sign among them, and I will send those that escape of them unto the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, that draw the bow, to Tubal, and Javan, to the isles afar off, that have not heard My fame, neither have seen My glory; and they shall declare My glory among the Gentiles.

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This last part of Isaiah is devoted to the Millennium (vv. 18-21) and the new heavens and the new earth (vv. 22-24).

First, God speaks of gathering all nations to see His glory, of setting up a sign among them by sending Jewish missionaries to those who have not heard of His fame, or seen His glory. He speaks of the nations bringing the Israelites back to Jerusalem.

The sign or standard will be placed in Israel as a rallying place for all the Gentiles as well as Israelites.

Those that escape refers to the Jews that escaped the terrible tribulation judgments and the efforts of the Gentiles to exterminate them during the last days. These Jews will be sent as Missionaries during the Millennium. They will go to all nations and declare the fame and glory of God.

4 thoughts on “The Fame and Glory of God

  1. I feel very strongly about missions and the role it plays in taking Jesus outside the walls of the church. Each month we have a different missions night on the 3rd Sunday to showcase a local ministry or mission idea. The thought is not everyone will like every idea, but if there is enough diversity maybe everyone will find something.

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    1. That’s a good idea, Joe. Our church is also missions-oriented. Our pastor was a missionary to the Philippines for ten years, and supports as many missionaries as possible. Local as well as international.

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      1. I work very closely with an American missionary in Belize that has a place called Heart House where kids can come after school for bible stories, activities and meals. I booked my tickets yesterday to go visit her in August where I will help assemble school backpacks.

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