Sunday Morning Coffee: Weather and Stuff

As usual, I’m writing this on Saturday night. We were treated to an absolutely wonderful day today, with temps up near 70. Puffy white clouds, soft blue sky, sunshine.

Image result for blue sky and puffy clouds

I have a little patch of narcissus blooming on the west side of our front yard.

Image result for narcissus flowers

There are daffodils spearing through the ground right behind our house. There are tight little buds on the trees, just beginning to form. It will be a little while before there are leaves or flowers. We don’t have forsythia in yard, but I’m thinking we’ll see some on our way to church tomorrow.

My daughter’s family was here to enjoy some homemade frozen custard, courtesy of Grandpa. He loves the stuff, and can never find it anywhere. So he went on ebay and found a Cuisineart ice cream maker, and went to quite a lot of effort yesterday to create his first batch of custard. I thought it was wonderful, but he said it wasn’t like what he remembered from his childhood.

Is anything, ever? I don’t know.

The kids got busy helping Grandpa pick up branches. They can all drive our lawn tractor now, and the wagon was hitched up and ready to go. They made a lot of progress, and it was clear they love being outdoors. They’re all growing up so fast. I wish I could blink and make them little again just for a moment.

But all good things do end, and it’s supposed to be colder and rainy tomorrow.

I had my most recent epidural steroid shot in my lower back almost four weeks ago. Still pretty much pain free. I’m learning to treasure each day in which I can move freely and NOT take pain meds! I know this isn’t permanent, but I certainly can rejoice in each pain-free day. I’ve even started working out a little bit. Carefully, slowly. Trying to be smart 🙂

My Bible study blog post this morning was a great encouragement to me. Isaiah 65: 22-23 describes the prosperity of Israel during the Millennial Reign. God’s people will be as old as the long-lived trees. They will build houses not for the gain of other people, but for their own use. All the financial constraints of mortgage loans, interest and so on will be a thing of the past. And that’s just during the Millennial reign; it’s not even heaven yet!

It’s just been a day full of blessings, and I’m thankful.

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