Sunday Morning Coffee: What a Week!

It started out okay. The weather was moderate for this time of year, and I had a good appointment with my dentist on Monday. I’m doing Invisalign, creating a better bite so my front teeth, top and bottom, aren’t grinding each other to pieces. I have about five weeks left, if all goes well, and then I’ll have a retainer. We’re also closing the gap between my two front teeth, which Terry tells me is just a shame πŸ™‚

Image result for gap between my front teeth
This is not me, just a random image that came close enough

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal work days, except it kept getting colder and more windy. I’m already seeing a decrease in my client load, am seeing only 8-10 people for the last three weeks. That’s a change from my normal 15-17. But I’m dealing with some very difficult issues, and I’m thankful the load is reduced.

Wednesday around 3 a.m. my digestive system went completely bonkers. By the time I usually get up, I’d already been up for nearly an hour. So sick. Chills, aches, and a close relationship with the bathroom. I called out sick, turned my wonderful mattress pad heater up full blast, and crawled back into my haven. By this time my skin had turned green and I really didn’t care if I lived or died.

All day Thursday, most of Friday with a little improvement, and by Saturday I was back to normal. Almost. Still some reminders of how quickly and easily things can go south again.

BUT! The good news? Saturday was clear and bright, although still windy and a bit chilly, but there is hope that spring is coming. AND all during that horrible whatever-I-had, my back was fine. No pain. I’ve been nearly two weeks pain-free, and I know it’s not permanent, but you learn to appreciate each day you don’t hurt.

PLUS! I actually went down to the basement, under Terry’s disapproving supervision, and did a few minutes on our multi-station cable gym. My muscles are like jelly from so many months of inactivity, and I HAVE to start building it back up or I’ll look like Jabba the Hut. Seriously. Jelly spreads to accommodate its space πŸ™‚

Image result for Jabba the Hutt

AND! I actually did some much-needed dusting in the bedroom. I have a corner cupboard with glass shelves that displays some of my teapots, and I just couldn’t look at it any more. Of course, once you start doing that kind of cleaning, you see fifty-eleven other jobs that need doing.

Finally, I think I’m going to make it to church! Two weeks in a row! WooHOO!! It’s been a long, painful, difficult winter, but even my sinus issues seem to be improving, and I’m going for that two-weeks-in-a-row milestone.

So, the bad with the good, the victories with the defeats, and keep soldiering forward. A friend of mine says, “Grace for today.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: What a Week!

  1. Coming back from a virus gets slower and slower. There is so much flu around here with coughs, aches, and congestion that I am leary about venturing out to so much as the grocery store. I am happy to say I attend a church that does NOT do the handshaking thing in the services. Everybody keeps germs to themselves. Take care.

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