Sunday Morning Coffee: Late!


I went back to bed, hoping to get my back pain under control. Not working. So I got back up, and have tried to distract myself catching up with other things. And then it occurred to me that I haven’t written my Sunday post, so here I am.

I hate missing church. Never missed so much church in my life as I have this past year. Seems like the work week leaves me useless for the weekend, and I work only three days. What a wimp.

But then, last night we went to a Valentine gathering with a bunch of old friends. I sat on a metal folding chair, the kind that has no lumbar support, for a couple of hours. Found a padded bench with a padded back for the next couple of hours, but was still really stiff and uncomfortable.

The hostess of the party broke her ankle some years ago, and one thing leading to another, she’s now in a wheelchair most of the time., She’s 76, still running a huge piano studio, and has no plans to stop. She had a mild heart attack back in December, but is doing well.

There were others there last night that I know have physical aches and pains and conditions. Diabetes, hearing loss, arthritic pain, injury pain like my husband. But we had a great time, laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. Old people having fun at a party. Awesome.

Image result for old people having fun at a party

Anyway, I’ve made the decision to retire. I’ll be 72 this summer; we’ll also be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. Time is catching up with me, sapping my energy because of the pain, and I think I need to take myself out of the job before I really can’t do it any more. So I’ve asked the secretaries not to give me any new clients, and hoping that by mid- November I’ll have finished with all my present clients.

This is a very big deal, a tough decision to make. A major life event that I did not anticipate even five years ago. I thought I’d work until I could no longer sit upright in my chair. That time has come sooner than I expected.

This isn’t a particularly cheerful post, but then I’m not in a particularly cheerful mood. And here comes Terry, home from church.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Late!

  1. I have four years on you and quit everything entirely last year except for the two things I volunteer doing. At first I felt a little depressed and empty, but it didn’t take long to enjoy the freedom. Just because we are old doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! I so enjoy going to the Active Adult Center (senior center) and being part of chair exercises, using the tread mill, playing games, having speakers, and pitch in lunches and on and on. One thing I DO NOT do is play bingo. I find that incredibly boring and even though it is a small amount, still, it IS gambling. You will be amazed at how readily you will adjust to not working!

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