Sunday Morning Coffee: Not So Smart

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I had decided to start UNdecorating yesterday. Plus just one load of laundry, iron a skirt to be ready for church today, and maybe a little dusting. When I take Christmas down, I always clean the trimmings before they go back in the boxes. Also, whatever I put away to make room for Christmas gets a thorough cleaning before it goes back to its own place. So no big deal, right? Take it slow and easy, rest a bit every now and then, and I’ll be fine.

Oh well. Apparently, I should have planned about half that much, and done less than that. By supper time last night I could hardly walk upright, and no one to blame but myself.

Terry sympathized, but let me know I shouldn’t have taken on so much. He was completely absorbed in his own project; he wasn’t paying much attention to what I was doing. Fine with me. For a while.

Long story short, I doped myself up with pain medication and had a rather uncomfortable night. Very stiff this morning, regretting every move I made yesterday that I KNEW wasn’t good for me. It’s just that sometimes I get so frustrated with not being able to do everything I’ve always done. I detest being helpless. Absolutely detest it.

Well, I’m not quite as helpless as I was. Terry got me an iRoomba before Christmas, and we love it. Since I can’t sweep or mop without pain, this is a wonderful gift. He also got me a very light-weight hand vacuum to help with cleaning the upholstery, and the dusting as well. It has attachments that will help with that. Just as long as I don’t bend. We also have a better reacher/grabber tool that actually pick up the pills I manage to drop regularly. It’s really amazing what tools are out there to help people with various disabilities. I think my next item will be a tool for putting my socks on without bending or twisting.

In the meantime, Terry keeps pegging away at the remodel of our big bathroom. He was working on the plumbing for the sink in the new vanity yesterday. That meant, of course, that the water had to be turned off for while. You have to plan for these things. It was a good thing the one load of laundry I started was finished before the big Water Turn-Off took place 🙂

So–I didn’t need the freshly-ironed skirt this morning. At least it will still be fresh when I go back to work on the the 2nd. Today and two more days of rest should have me walking upright again by then 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Not So Smart

  1. Our bodies are not as spry as they used to be. I spent time in the ER Friday, or as it turned out to be, the wee hours of Saturday morning. Chest pains. Pains that mimicked heart, but the doctor determined through numerous tests that it was stomach, not heart. So, without sleep on Friday night, I came home and slept for only four hours and stayed awake the rest of the day and did sleep well last night. But, it is frustrating to see things that need to be done and little energy to do them. The trauma of the mysterious twisting, squeezing pain left me worn out! Debby has brought me meals ( spoiling me) but I stayed home from church this morning too. Just didn’t want the getting ready to go thing which wears me out. Linda, we are just getting “up in years” as it is said. I did some undecorating on Friday too so I have a pile here, a pile there. . . but the only deadline is the one in my head, really. 🙂

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