Millennial Jerusalem

Isaiah 54:11-12

11 O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.

12 And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.

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These verses refer to the rebuilding of Jerusalem  during the Millennial reign of Messiah.  The city will indeed be beautiful, more than ever before in its history here on earth.  Let’s take a look at the specifics:

I will lay thy stones with fair colors: The reference seems to be to material that will be used as cement in laying the building stones. Antimony was a black powder used by Oriental ladies to paint their eyelids and eyebrows to give them a more distinctive appearance.

Lay thy foundations with sapphires: Well-known gems distinguished for beauty and splendor. They are next to the diamond in hardness.The colors are blue, red, violet, green, white, and clear.

I will make thy windows of agates:  These are notched battlements, not the ordinary word translated windows;  could also refer to pinnacles or turrets on the walls of the city.

Agates:  A class of silicious, semi-pellucid gems of many varieties, consisting of quartz-crystal, flint, chalcedony, amethyst, jasper, and cornelian, variegated with dots, zones, filaments, and various figures. They are esteemed the least valuable of all the precious stones.

Gates:  There will be three gates on each side of the city (Ezek.48:29-35).

Carbuncles: Beautiful gems of a deep red color, with a mixture of scarlet. When  held up to the sun the gem loses its deep tint and is more like a burning coal. The word means a flaming, sparkling gem. 

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Borders of pleasant stones:  All the walls and foundations will be of precious stones.


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