Sunday Morning Coffee: Just Thinking

This is the last Sunday in October.  The weather is cooling.  I love it for sleeping, because I love to pile on the puffy comforters and blankets.  We’re supposed to be getting a very heavy wind/rain storm, but so far it’s quiet out there.  One more week of Daylight Saving Time, which it truly wish would go to its eternal rest.   Soon it will be Election Day.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to GO VOTE on Nov 6.  Doing nothing is not acceptable.  This is undoubtedly the most important mid-term election in our history, and whoever is behind the invasion from Central America has organized and timed it to hit our borders just in time for the election. No matter what President Trump does or does not do, the scavenger bird media will tear him to pieces.  We need to pray for him.  His position is anything but easy.

Okay, no more politics.

The other thing I’m thinking about is the approaching holidays.  I love Thanksgiving.  I’ve held it here most of the time, but my failing back has made it necessary for my daughter to step up a couple of times.  She’s an amazing cook, and it’s no trouble to go there, believe me!  I just feel a bit lost that this part of my life is slowly moving into other hands.  You never think it’s going to happen to you.

My daughter always does the family Christmas, and again, it’s a wonderful treat. They decorate beautifully, and the meal deserves to be featured in some fancy cooking magazine 🙂

Still, as I think back over the Christmases of my life, I find myself, in one small corner of my heart, a little unwilling to let it go to the next generation.

Instead of being sad, though, I should instead be overwhelmingly thankful for all the wonderful holiday seasons of my 71 years, from the tinsel-covered Christmas tree of my childhood, to Christmases on the farm, to driving to South Carolina to be with my parents, or to Michigan to be with Terry’s—so many good memories, good times, good music, laughter, and activity.

Remember when everyone put tinsel on the tree? I guess it’s considered tacky these days, which I don’t understand at all.  I thought it was magical, and I miss it.


Image result for Christmas tree covered with tinsel

Now, Terry and I are the old folks that the kids and grandkids come to see when they can. How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  And even more important, when did I become comfortable in this role?

Every season of life has its own special joys and good memories, from our first Christmas as a married couple to our first Christmas as parents to a man who is now 48 years old;  three more babies to follow, one born  very close to Christmas. I hope he never felt cheated.  We always had his birthday just as we did with all the rest.  Those were the busy years, the hard-working years, the challenging years of rearing kids and making ends meet.

And now we’re in what I like to think of as the reward years.  Grandchildren are a wonderful reward.  We love them all so much, and wish there weren’t so much distance between us.

These are quieter years.  We have our house to ourselves most of the time, and I like that. But I also love it when it’s full of family.

Always, underlying the good times and the not -so-good times, has been our faith in God, and our dependence on Him through His Word, and prayer, and the preaching and teaching  in our church. We have always tried, sometimes failed, to do what we believed was right in the eyes of God. We’ve had to learn to accept that we are not responsible for choices outside our realm of authority.  Surprising, isn’t it, how hard it can be to accept that?

Well. There’s my ramble for today.  I really must be getting old. This is the second time in a week that I’ve just kind of let whatever is in my brain come leaking out through my fingers 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Just Thinking

  1. Pete & Marge

    for what ever it’s worth…. when we put our tree up I STILL put some tinsel on it! ☺ they make it out of plastic these days but it still gives the same effect! 😁

    On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 7:01 AM Linda’s Bible Study wrote:

    > granonine posted: “This is the last Sunday in October. The weather is > cooling. I love it for sleeping, because I love to pile on the puffy > comforters and blankets. We’re supposed to be getting a very heavy > wind/rain storm, but so far it’s quiet out there. One more week ” >

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  2. Very encouraging writing Linda. I love when you pour your heart out like this. Our family is fervently praying and doing all we can to get the word out for the American people to get out in this so very important mid-term and vote to save this country from socialism. If the lib takes governor here in Colorado we are looking at moving to Texas. It’s really gone down here since they legalized pot. Part of that is people not voting in the mid-terms. Well, God knows and He has a plan. ❤
    Bless you lady, I keep you in my prayers.

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      1. Oh thank you for your prayers. We can always use all we can get. 😉 We never thought we would have to consider moving out of our beloved Colorado. We are both natives, born and raised here. We are noticing a lot more homeless who ‘choose’ to be homeless destroying some of our wonderful hiking trails throughout the city, since pot was legalized. Crime is up as well. Wages have stagnated, but cost of living keeps going up and taxes get raised every time it’s on the ballot. Sure do wish we had the electoral college in the states. It is so unfair that those who moved from places like California after they made it unlivable moved here to places like Denver and Boulder and instead of learning from their mistakes, vote the same idiocy in here. Oh well, it is what it is. We are praying people get their votes in. It will take each and every Republican to vote Red. But, God has a plan and He is still on His throne.

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  3. Oh, and I wanted to agree about the tinsel too. We have used it a few times on our tree, but its been a while. I’m thinking we may add some this year. I think it adds a lot of sparkle. It will just be my sweet hubby and I this year. Our grandson/son is getting married on December 22nd. That should be interesting. Empty nesters, again! 😉

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