Bad Start Today

This is completely personal and has nothing to do with much of anything, except that sometimes writing is cathartic for me; also, I wanted you to know why my normal post, which should have been Isaiah 53:10, will not appear today.

I had a very bad night.  I don’t know why this seems to happen when I have an unexpected and much-anticipated day off, but there it is.  I didn’t get to sleep  until sometime after three a.m., and was awake–against my will–shortly after 8 a.m.  The lack of normal sleep set me up to be a cranky hot mess.

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We’re down to only one bathroom right now because Terry is renovating.  So when I got up and saw that he was cleaning the only bathroom, my mood got worse while I waited. Isn’t that ridiculous?  I’m very spoiled, used to having my own bathroom.  Good grief. When our kids were still home, we managed SIX people with only one bathroom!

Then I decided to work on a HUGE computer mess because of a program I installed for Terry that is massive and is blocking other applications. The more I investigated possible fixes, the more frustrated I grew.  Felt like throwing things, to be perfectly honest.

And then I pulled my Bible over to work on today’s post, and I sat there feeling utterly defeated.  I couldn’t write it.  I was upset, short of sleep, short-tempered, and knowing that I’m still going to have to tackle the computer issue.  I got up and walked away, made coffee, fixed my breakfast, and played a round of Angry Birds while I ate.

Go ahead and laugh.  It made me feel better as I blasted those stupid pigs to kingdom come.

Maybe my sour mood is compounded by a couple of sessions in my counseling office yesterday.  I’m afraid I haven’t done a very good job of leaving them at the office.  Frankly, I’d like to go do an Angry Birds-type search- and- destroy on a couple of people who don’t deserve to walk free. They belong in jail. For a VERY long time.

And then I looked at an article about the invasion from south of our borders, and fueled my anger all over again.  I need to stay away from that stuff today.  It is so clearly being orchestrated and financed by someone other than the “immigrants” (read “invaders”) and timed to coincide with the Nov. 6 elections, that my blood pressure rises just thinking about it. And no, I’m not a racist or a xenophobe or any of the other popular names the Left likes to call people like me.  I’m just wondering what Mexico or Nicaragua would do with 14,000 AMERICAN “immigrants” descending on their countries, expecting shelter, food, jobs, etc.   Please.

Okay.  So you can see that I’m not in any condition to settle down with God’s Word.  I need to get my own self back under the control of God’s Word before I can honestly handle teaching it to anyone else.

So, do I feel any better, having poured all this out onto you?

Actually, yes, a little.  At least my stomach muscles aren’t  all tensed up any more. And I WILL return to my usual  sensible state of mind.  I think I just need to do some serious repenting and praying. Anger is a terrible thing.


9 thoughts on “Bad Start Today

  1. I rather enjoyed your post today. Luckily I am never in a bad mood due to lack of sleep. I woke a couple of days ago “fit to be tied” for some unknown reason, I don’t usually feel that way in the morning before the internet. Must have had an upsetting dream I didn’t remember. Sometimes I think that hormones play a part if our body becomes unbalanced for whatever reason. I usually find praying does help me to calm down when I’m upset so it bothers me that lately I am not praying that much anymore. I really need it. Take care and God bless!

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  2. I was just having a conversation this week with a couple about the same age as me whose daughter, her husband, and two kids moved in for a couple of months while they are building a house. We were both knowing how free we live on our own but with “company” in the house, our freedom soon dissipates. I’m glad to know both you and I are normal! I try to be flexible, but I have my days when I am happy not to have to deal with anyone in my house!

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    1. I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to adjust to sharing a bathroom! Of course, as our bodies age, some things take longer than they used to. . . .I’ll be very thankful when he’s got the other bathroom in working order.

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  3. Denise Perry

    Wow! I love you♥️ So refreshing to read more about you. Thank you for sharing. I’ve enjoyed your bible study for only a week now, but am looking forward to going through the archives! You are a wonderful writer and God is working through you!

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      1. Denise Perry

        I appreciate your humbleness…however, after reading 📖 your posts; I’m convinced your extraordinarily used by God! ♥️ Thank you for serving him like you do!

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  4. Darrell Romine

    We have at least three things in common: I’m also 71, a conservative who also gets angry at the ‘Sandbox Mentality’ of the people who clamor to be our leaders when they can’t seem to drive a duck to water, and my computers seem to turn against me like spoiled children. I also consider myself to be a writer, and I understand what happens when your inspirational process goes south when one is upset. As for the hormonal imbalance, I am a man, and we have different problems, probably hormonal as well, that plague us. That being said, your column about your vulnerability and need for Jesus’ strength and help is one of your best. Keep writing and we;ll keep reading. We’re a team.

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