He Was Wounded

Isaiah 53:5.

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.

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There is no way to look at this verse, if we know the Lord and love Him, without  having a profoundly humbled, thankful reaction.  As I said yesterday, this passage always brings tears as I consider the horror that Jesus endured for my sake; for my sin; for all our sin.

He was wounded: to bore a hole; slay; pierce. This refers to the piercing of His hands, feet, and side.

For our transgressions:  Jesus was the perfect Son of God.  He never sinned.  His nature was pure, holy, and sanctified.   Yet He willingly went to the cross in our behalf, knowing that the shedding of His blood would be the only final cleansing for the sin of all mankind.  It was for me He died. It was for you.

He was bruised: To crumble, beat to pieces; break; crush; destroy; smite. This refers to the scourging He endured, which was often, in itself, enough to kill a man. I have heard and read descriptions of what a scourging with the Roman cat o’ nine tails did to a human being. It’s horrible, unthinkable; humiliating, causing shock, dehydration, often the exposure of inner organs as flesh was torn away by the shards, stones and whatever else was tied into the ends of the whip.   It was for me.  It was for  you.

For our iniquities;  It cannot be stated often enough that what Jesus endured in our behalf was unimaginable in it’s cruelty, pain, and humiliation.  For me.  For you.

The chastisement of our peace was upon Him; The Hebrew word for chastisement  in this verse is correction.  Jesus needed no correction. The correction He suffered was ours. We had sinned and were estranged from God, so God sent Him to be chastised in our place in order that we might become reconciled and have peace with God. What was necessary to reconcile God and man was placed upon Christ, to make peace again between them.

And with His stripes:  in Hebrew, a black and blue  mark; bruises, hurt, wounds, and spots. Christ could have received as many as 469 stripes from scourging alone (this bases on the Roman custom of sometimes affixing 12 lashes to the whip handle, and striking the 39 times often used by the Jews in physical punishment).

We are healed: The Hebrew word here is to mend; cure; heal; repair; make whole. We are corrected and made whole, free of the results of sin, through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. To believe in Him, to accept the truth of His death and resurrection, and to accept His substitutionary death as our reconciliation with God is to be born again, made whole, and accepted by the Father through the sacrifice of the Son.


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