Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53:1. “Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”

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This incredible chapter has been preached, memorized, memorialized in beautiful music—and often misunderstood. I want to take my time going through this chapter, so it will be a short post today.

We have to put the question (53:1) into proper perspective with all that has been said in the previous chapter.  Isaiah, under God’s guidance, has described the suffering of Messiah, and His ultimate victory.  Now, he is saying, “Who would believe that the Messiah would suffer and be exalted? Who would understand and accept such a message?”

Remember, the Jews ended up rejecting Jesus one week after they had hailed Him as King during His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. They rejected Him because He was not the conquering King they wanted.  They didn’t see that He was the fulfillment of so much Old Testament scripture and that the suffering had to come before the victory.

On Monday, we will dig into the rest of this chapter.  Read it ahead of time if you can. We’ll probably be there for at least a week, maybe longer.


2 thoughts on “Isaiah 53

  1. Thanks Linda. This is a great prophetic passage. Actually only some Jews rejected the Lord. The believing Jews who were so vocal on Sunday in support of the Lord got really quiet as the week progressed largely from fear of the Jewish religious authorities. One is reminded of how all the disciples except John and several of the women hid themselves away after the horrendous events they witnessed. They didn’t lose faith but their faith was shaken.

    At Pentecost and shortly thereafter thousands of believing Jews joined the Lord’s Community and the number kept growing. Many of these included those who had welcomed Him with hosannas. After Pentecost the disciples were so emboldened by the Spirit of the Lord they no longer had any fear of the religious authorities and their strength allowed for so many more to enter therein.

    By the time of the destruction of Jerusalem almost forty years later some authorities believe there may have been as many believing Jews as unbelieving Jews. While this may not necessarily be the case the believing Jews comprised a very large percentage with respect to the whole. The unbelieving Jews were usually those in religious and political control and those too afraid or reticent to break from their grip. Their Jewish traditions kept them from leaving the old and entering the new.

    I will be looking forward to future posts. Thanks again.

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    1. I was thinking of the crowds who screamed “Crucify Him!” I think, as you said, that it was done out of fear. And again, at Pentecost that fear seemed to just kind of disappear. Such power is available to us through the Holy Spirit, and we do NOT tap into it.

      If it had not been for the dispersion of the believing Jews, due to persecution, the gospel surely would not have spread as quickly as it did.

      I, too, am looking forward to going into this chapter. I have it memorized, You can hardly have sung in Handel’s “Messiah” without memorizing the words 🙂


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