Isaiah 52: 3-5.

For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money.

For thus saith the Lord God, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.

Now therefore, what have I here, saith the Lord, that My people is taken away for nought? they that rule over them make them to howl, saith the Lord; and My Name continually every day is blasphemed.

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The time has come for God to redeem His people. In verse 3, He refers to the earliest captivity, the captivity in Egypt.  They were not taken into captivity there; they went to Egypt voluntarily  to find food during a time of famine.  Once they got there, though, they became comfortable and chose not to leave, and eventually their numbers grew to the point that the Egyptians began to worry that this tribe of Jacob would take over their land. So the Egyptians enslaved them, even  creating a law whereby all Hebrew baby boys were to be killed at birth.

No one bought Israel to enslave them in Egypt; and no money is going to be paid to redeem them when Messiah sets them free.

Still describing the Egyptian captivity, God  includes the Assyrians in the misery that Israel experienced.  This is a proof that the new king of Egypt, who didn’t know Joseph, was the king of Assyria who had conquered the land (v.4; Acts 7:18).

The Assyrians, noted in history for their cruelty to those they conquered, are said in verse 5 to have “made them to howl.”  The suffering of the people was very great, But the worst thing of all, God said, was that His Name was blasphemed every single day (quoted in Romans 2:24, in which Paul  accuses God’s people that the Gentiles blaspheme His Name  through the idolatry of His people.)

God’s very nature and character and power as represented by His Name will be revealed to them in the day of their redemption

The sin of blasphemy is dealt with in several New Testament scriptures:  Matt. 12:30-32; Mark 2:28-30;  Luke 12:8-10  and others. Blasphemy, simply stated, is to assign the power of the Holy Spirit to Satan.

In Matthew 12:24, the Pharisees say, “This fellow doth not cast out devils but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.”

In the next few verses, Jesus sternly took them to task for their blasphemy.  In Matt. 12: 31-32, Jesus states very clearly that the sin of speaking against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.  This is serious business.  We who claim to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God need to clean up our language in reference to Him, because they are One:  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  Never let it be said by anyone that their blasphemy was just a repetition of what God’s people have said.




4 thoughts on “Accusation

  1. Greg

    blaspheming the Holy Spirit is self righteousness alone. That is the ONLY sin that God cannot forgive because it makes you out to be god and have no need of his salvation. the their on the cross blasphemed Jesus and then later changed and Jesus said, today you will be with me in paradise. Telling others to watch your language is incorrect. Its focusing on sin and not the SON. Taking you eyes off Jesus and putting them on yourself. That also is a form of self righteousness.

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    1. Greg, I’m sorry you see that very short statement as being incorrect. Believers are told to encourage and support one another. Language, especially the ill use of God’s Name, is becoming more common all the time, even among believers. The use of OMG is just one example. I had no intention of pointing out my own righteousness, because I am certainly not perfect! I am only teaching the scripture. We are told that we will answer for every idle word; we are told to let our “yea be yea, and our nay be nay.” That is, we are to speak in a way that honors God and does not demean His Name.

      Again, I am very sorry that you have interpreted what I said here to be pointing to my own righteousness. Not my intention, not my motive.


      1. Greg

        we will not answer for every idle word, that was spoken to unsaved people before the cross. All sin has been taken care of “once and for all’. I thought you were aware of that…. Jesus told the woman who was caught sleeping with another mans husband 10 minutes earlier, Neither do I condemn thee. Why, not because he overlooked it but because he was going to pay the price for it on the cross. Seems like you are sin conscious. Heb 10:2, no more consciousness of sin. He forgot your sins so why are you focusing on them? Dear Lord!

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      2. I am not making judgments on you, Greg. You are certainly making them on me. You don’t know me at all. You have no idea who I am, how God has worked in my life, how very much, with great thanksgiving, I understand grace! We are clearly coming from different theological viewpoints. I doubt very much that either of us will change with further discussion.


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