Sunday Morning Coffee: Instruction and Knowledge

Proverbs 23:12. “Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.”

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Do you remember, when you were little, thinking that once you were an adult you would understand everything, and have all the answers to the questions of life?  You would be sure of yourself, confident, always know what the right decision is.  There would never again be a problem you couldn’t solve.

Alas, what I’ve learned is that the only time all that will be true is  when God takes me home to heaven.  Why? Well, because I’m human, and therefore prone to error, as are all of us.  Even my dad,  which was very hard for me to accept the first time I was with him and he got lost.  I’ve told that story here, written six years ago for Father’s Day.

Sometimes my human fallibility is problematic.  I’m a professional counselor, or more grandly, a psychotherapist.  My clients come to me expecting me to have the answers that will magically make their lives better.  That almost never happens, because change is a process, not an event. And, of course, because I don’t have all the answers all the time. Also because when I do know the answers, my clients don’t always like them.  It’s not unusual for my clients to want me to fix everyone else, not believing that change needs to come from them as well as from the other people in their lives.

The one time I’m sure beyond a shadow of a doubt is when the clear answers come from the wisdom in God’s Word.  That is the most important source of knowledge and wisdom I use in my counseling office. Instruction and knowledge come from God.

And He does know all the answers, all the time.


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