Sunday Morning Coffee: Rain

It rained yesterday, a it’s still drippy today.  I love it. The rain was desperately needed, washing the air and the trees clean of all the dust from the construction work on our road. It wasn’t a hard rain, flattening flowers or accompanied by strong wind.  It was a slow, gentle rain.  You could practically see the flowers rise up from their droopy posture and open their petals, having their faces washed and their roots renewed.

Of course some people complained.  Why does it have to rain on the weekend?  Why not during the work week?

We had a community picnic planned at our church yesterday.  It had to be postponed. That’s okay. God knows all about it. I got over fussing about such things years ago. It doesn’t do any good 🙂

I’m just thankful for the showers of blessing God poured down on us.  We needed it. Refreshing, restorative, life-giving rain.

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