Sunday Morning Coffee: Back to Normal

Well, things have gone back to normal for a while.  Mike and family left to visit relatives in Mifflinburg on Thursday morning.  We spent Independence Day with them along with another couple who have been friends for years.  Great fellowship, great food, and the beginning of my eighth decade of life 🙂  Being born on the Fourth of July is pretty cool, actually.

Toward the end of the day we spent some time around the piano. Mike wanted to record a song, and I played for him. If you’d like to see it, you have to follow this link:  You have to click on the words “Watch on Facebook-Learn More.” You may need to double-click. If it doesn’t work, you can try going to my Facebook page.

Anyway, we sang for nearly an hour.  I don’t play the piano much these days, but we had a good time in spite of my rusty fingers. I love singing in harmony.  Mikes wife has a pretty soprano voice, but is also comfortable as an alto.  Margie, the other member of our impromptu quartet, can also sing just about any part.  Lots of fun.

The music that brings us together is sacred music, some from a hymnal and some from our memories.  I used to sing in a trio with Margie years ago, so we’re very comfortable singing together.  I’ve also sung with Mike and Janan. It was fun  to  get into that groove again.

The music we all love tends to have a Southern gospel feel to it.  Not  honky-tonk, but  classic gospel. Songs we’ve sung for years and years. They’re songs about God, about His love for us, about His mercy and grace.

I’m so thankful for the music in my life that dwells on  my Savior.  There is always music in my head, and usually it’s music that reflects my faith journey.  Music can be a great comfort, a source of enjoyment and relaxation, a call to service, or a call to prayer. I’m looking forward to the music at church tomorrow.





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