Mind Clutter

Saturday morning.  Yesterday I spent most of my day cleaning out, sorting, boxing up the overflow in my closet.  Now I have a much more accessible wardrobe, arranged by type and color.  No, I’m not OCD  🙂 I just like not having to sort through things I don’t want to find things I do want.  Before, it looked something like this:

Image result for crowded clothes closet

It feels really good, a project I should have done long ago but kept putting off.  Some of the stuff will go to donations.  Some will stay in storage in case I ever, ever get back down to the sizes I boxed up. I know, wishful thinking. I did get rid of things that are so dated that I wouldn’t want to wear them anyway.   Now, it looks more like this:

Image result for organized clothes closet

Doing that long-avoided chore has motivated me to do the same thing in my dresser drawers. That’s today’s project. Shouldn’t take as long, and I suppose I’ll find things I’d forgotten I had.

While I worked, I thought about how necessary it is to do an “organize-sort out-throw away” spiritually, too. I’m not as busy as I was during the years when my kids were all home, growing up, getting into high school with all the activities that included. Life has settled down a good bit. It’s not my hours that are crowded these days so much as my inventory of books I want to read, paperwork to catch up on, the blogging I do, the book I’m working on. Sometimes I need to just BE with the Lord, without all the busy-ness that can crowd Him into a corner of my heart and mind.

Taking inventory spiritually isn’t hard, really.  It’s just a matter of recognizing what gets in the way of having the kind of walk with God that I need and want. So what needs to go? Well, less time on Facebook would be one improvement. If I took the time to read every single thing that shows up on my newsfeed, I’d never get anything else done all day.  I’m not on any other social media, just that one.  It’s enough.

I don’t watch TV during the daytime, usually.  That’s not a trap I’ve fallen into. But books?  Yes, I still love to read.  Books are like chocolate. You can never have too many.  My collection needs a good sorting out/throwing out. Wait–throwing out BOOKS?  Isn’t that illegal or something?  No, but it’s very hard for me to do, even when I’m pretty sure I won’t ever read a particular book again. Most often, I give it to someone else.  There’s also a bookstore downtown that takes donations.  I could always check out whether or not the Good Will or Salvation Army stores accept used books, too. Or the library.

What it boils down to, more than physical objects or activities, is spending more time in the Word; more time in prayer; more time with uplifting Christian music and listening to some of my favorite preachers.

More time memorizing God’s Word. There’s a huge key to keeping that spiritual inventory under control.  Hiding God’s Word in my heart, that I might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11). Keeping my mind centered on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, praiseworthy–these are the things to think about (Phil. 4:8).  That means I don’t spend any more time than necessary thinking about the wretched  political state of my country.  I keep up, I know what’s going on, but if that’s what I fill my mind with all day every day I’m going to need to see a counselor 🙂

Cleaning out closets and drawers is good.  Cleaning out mind clutter is even better.

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