Sunday Morning Coffee: Home

There’s no place like home.  After 1 1/2 delightful weeks with my family in South Dakota and a rather grueling flight back here, it was just pure pleasure to crawl into my own bed. Use my own kitchen, bathroom, laundry, easy chair. Not that I was uncomfortable in any way–it’s just that home is still the best.

Today, I’ll be back in my own church after missing two Sundays.  I’m looking forward to being  back home there, too.  Familiar faces make church a home place, a place for the heart.

Image result for a welcoming church

I even enjoyed going back into work for just one day this week, on Thursday.  My office.  My desk. My comfy little nest where I work 18 hours most weeks.  And Shirley, our secretary, brought me a welcome-home doughnut that was so good I may have to treat her to one next week 🙂

While I’ve been thinking about being home, I’ve remembered all the many places I’ve called home over my almost 71 years of living. Some are vague, back to when I was 3. But from the time we moved to Minneapolis just before I started kindergarten, I remember them all.  There were many.  Even after I married Terry, we moved a good bit until we came back out here to PA in 1994.  Now, we’re going on 24 years in the same house.  A record for me!

I’ve never been one to suffer from homesickness.  I’m usually too interested in seeing what’s just over the next ridge to feel sad about not being at home.  Now, however, at this end of my life spectrum, I’m finding that I do really prefer to be home.  I will still travel when I can, but it’s always so sweet to just come home.

Do you know the home I’m looking forward to most of all?  Sure you do, and you probably wondered when I would get to this part of my post.

I’m homesick for heaven.  Not morbid or anything, just looking forward to the day I see Jesus, and know that the journey is over down here, just beginning up there.

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