Almost Over

Kyle graduated last night, from a class of 530 students.  The program went surprisingly quickly considering the number of grads.

Today and part of tomorrow, and we’ll be on a plan on our way home. I hate to leave my family, but I do look forward to being home. No place like it, right?

So I’ve been thinking about graduations from high school. My own took place in 1965, when the “flip” hairdo was very popular, along with the beehive 🙂  And cat-eye glasses, remember those? I still think the flip is pretty.  Today, girls seem to opt for completely straight and very long, although everyone seems to feel free to do her own thing these days.

Image result for 1960's flip hairdo and cat-eye glasses frames     Image result for 1960's flip hairdo and cat-eye glasses frames                 Related image

Bouffant and flipped.  I went with the flip, but not the think bangs.  Things sure are simpler now.

Then there was college graduation four years later.  A wedding a week after that. and yet another graduation for my master’s degree nearly 40 years later.  Lots of living went on in the years between!

Some teens know exactly what they want to do after high school.  Others are at sea, not having a direction or passion that leads them forward.  It can be a most difficult time, because there is a great deal of pressure to know exactly what your next step is going to be after high school.

I had an interest in psychology way back then, but it was a relatively new field in the ’60’s for girls who came from the background I did.  I’m not sorry I went in the direction of teaching instead.  It certainly paved the way for the decision I would make at age 50 to go back to school so I could do private-practice counseling.

When I think about all the twists and turns our lives have taken, again, I’m not sorry for the decisions we’ve made.  God brought Terry and me together at just the right time. We’ve had a (mostly !)  wonderful marriage, and four adult children who have given us nine wonderful grandchildren.

It’s true that high school graduation is a huge steppingstone into life, but it’s not the ONLY point of decision. There is always opportunity, always the possibility of changing courses.

No decision has to be set in cement.



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