The Messenger’s Job

Isaiah 42;18-20. “Hear, ye deaf: and look, ye blind, that  ye may see. Who is the blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the Lords servant? Seeing many things, but thou observest not: opening the ears, but he heareth not.”

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Jehovah’s servant in v. 19 is Israel. They are the only servant of God in Isaiah that could be referred to as being:

  1. Deaf-because of refusing to hear God and His Word
  2. Blind–because of not seeing what was plain to see
  3. Robbed-because of sinning so that God could not protect them
  4. Spoiled-because of have no power to resist enemies
  5. Snared in holes-because of living in fear of enemies
  6. Hid in prison-because of being defeated and captured by the enemy
  7. A prey-because of having no champion to defend them

Israel was called to be God’s servant, God’s messenger; and they were called to be perfect. That is, they were to be mature in the things of God, seeing and hearing, understanding His will and His Word.

The word messenger in v.19 is to be dispatched as a deputy: a messenger: an angel: a prophet, priest, or teacher: an ambassador.  The question “who is blind as he that is perfect?”  indicates “as he that should be perfect; the blind, as he that should be able to see clearly. 

Verse 20 says that they see, but do not observe; they have open ears, but they don’t hear.

How tragic it is when we, who have the completed Word of God, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in this age, are guilty of seeing but not seeing, of hearing but not really listening.

3 thoughts on “The Messenger’s Job

  1. anie

    We are all sinners, you said. How can you ask for the perfect, knowing that there will never be a perfect person. How can you sow luck and love if you only accuse? Who throws the first stone? Is there only yes or no, good or bad? Is not the physical existence always in between? Should not those who carry their heads so high learn to look down and those who hide in the dust learn to hold their heads higher? Is it not about sharing, everything in life, so that there is more justice? Sharing means everything that exists to merge and divide … poor and rich, good and bad, light and shadow? Well I can only share what I feel in reading your words, maybe my horizon is much too narrow to understand….

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    1. Anie, you have to look at how I defined “perfect.” In scripture, used toward mankind, it never means flawless or without sin. It means mature, ripe; and it’s in a verb tense that has the sense of becoming, rather than of already being. God does not ask of us what He knows we cannot give. He does ask us to be becoming mature, wise, godly. Israel had turned away from all that God offered, and these verses were directed to Israel at the time when Isaiah was a prophet. Context is very important in scripture, always.

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      1. anie

        Sure, you’re right and I do not have the background, but I like the call to “mature” and become wise, and I’m sure it’s right. Probably the human being thinks that the moment he earns his own living and “grown up” he thinks he is “finished” and lives in an arrogance to know about everything?
        For the second time today, my thoughts revolve around the word “vanity” … I totally agree with you, I’m just a very sensitive person and I think, like most people, I am not very motivated if someone tells me how bad I am, but encourage me to recognize …. again, I think of a movie “the big fat greek wedding” … if the women in this Greek family wanted to change something, they always went to their father and talked to him. They talked in such an artful way that he himself thought that is was his idea, what the women wanted to happen….; )

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