Sunday Morning Coffee: Gadgets

I’m surrounded by gadgets, and I never thought I would be.  It started with  a clunky computer that was rescued from the the computer cemetery. I needed a computer when I started working on my master’s degree 21 years ago.  There were going to be so many papers, so much research. The research would mean hours at the school library, miles and miles on the car, unless I got connected to the internet.

Now,  years later, I have a MacBookAir that I use at work, usually bringing it home  each evening to make sure no one gets into it when I’m not in the office. I have an Android cell.  My first cell phone was a flip phone. We got it so I could call Terry if I got into trouble on the road, especially late at night.  That’s back when I was working in Montgomeryville until 9 p.m, a good half hour from home, as well as in Coopersburg until 9 on Tuesday.  Terry really didn’t like my being on the road late like that.


And I have a nice, new desktop that so much fun compared to my old one.  Terry, surprisingly, spends a lot of time using it to research all sorts of equipment for his various projects.

We have a smart TV.  We never had TV when our own kids were home, a decision we made to eliminate at least one area of potential problems.  They all have TV now, but they tell me they rarely watch.  That’s good.

I have an electric toothbrush and flosser; a cool little electric shaver to take care of my moustache and whiskers–stop laughing, it’s not funny!  I have an electric doodad that I use to flush out my sinuses every day so I don’t have to use so much nasal medication. I have an Alexa, over which I play lots of music, set timers, ask about the weather, and a bunch of other things.

I am SO connected!  I didn’t even mention our CD player, which doesn’t get as much use these days as it used to. There are other items around the house that work on electricity–my coffee grinder, the microwave,  all the other appliances.  Plugged in, turned off or on as needed, dependable, labor-saving; things that connect me  all around the world.

I even have a Kindle, which I could use to read the Bible.  But I don’t.  I just don’t like to read the Bible that way.  I love my print Bible, which I can write in, underline–I know, you can do that on Kindle, too, but I just don’t want to.  There’s something solid and reassuring about my Bible.  I want it in my hands, not on an electronic gadget.

And it keeps me connected, too.  It keeps me connected to my Lord. There is nothing more important than that.  Thanks to many, many years of reading and memorizing God’s Word, I have it in my head and my heart even when the electricity goes off and the electronics die.   It will always stand, no matter who decides to try to ban it.

God’s Word is truth; its truth is eternal.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Gadgets

  1. I keep trying to eliminate gadgets or extra appliances. They take up room and I just don’t much use many of them. Of course, you have heard me say many times: “I like simple.” I do use my computer for entertainment AND research. It is a big time saver when it comes to finding a weekly story for my storytelling group. My newest addition is my talking book machine. I love it already! Each book is on ONE diskette so unlike CD’s, no changing them multiple times, and they don’t get dirty because they are enclosed. Like It!

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