This and That

Fridays always take me a little bit by surprise.  My work-week is over, and the homeschool co-op where I teach is also done for the year, so it’s almost like a vacation when I wake up on Friday morning realizing I don’t have to get  up if I don’t want to 🙂

This morning, though, I needed to get some blood drawn so my doctor can check my A1C and a couple of other things.  For those of you who don’t know, the A1C is a sneaky little blood test that can look back and see how much sugar has clung to your blood molecules over the last three months.  I don’t have to check my sugar levels every day–yet–but if my A1C gets too high, that will become part of my daily routine. See, sugar likes to hang on to the blood, and it can do so for three months before is finally dissolves or whatever it does.  So the chocolate binge I had a month ago?  The evidence is still traveling through my veins and arteries.  No fair, no fair.


Anyway, I got that taken care of, stopped at the grocery store for four things and came out with twenty (normal, right?) and forgot to go to the bank until I was pulling into our driveway. Backed out and took care of that chore. Our bank is only a mile or so away, so I was back home quickly.

You can’t eat or drink  before the blood draw, so I was more than ready for a couple of eggs with my wonderful coffee.  I’m so spoiled.  I order green coffee beans, and have them shipped to my daughter’s house.  They have a coffee roaster, and my grandson roasts beans for me every couple of weeks.  I can get coffee from all over the world through, and I’ve had a great time trying all different kinds.  It’s ruined grocery-store coffee for me, though.  What I have is ambrosia compared to what I used to drink.  The best part of waking up is NOT  what the rest of that little ditty says!


I got a brand new desktop computer on Monday.  I’m still so excited about how fast it runs.  My old one  was about 12 years old, which equals 150 computer years.  It was so slow, I’d sit and read a book while I waited for it to load.  Got a lot of reading done!  Now, I click on a site and POW!  It’s there, just like that.  Magical.  Don’t laugh.  You have to enjoy the small things of life 🙂

Terry just left to go do some small jobs down at church, and that means I have most of the rest of the day, until supper time, to myself. This is rare.  I’m not sure how I’m going to spend the time, but I do love the total alone-ness now and then.   Like I said, learn to be thankful for the small things.  For me, having  a few hours of complete solitude is wonderful.

Maybe I’ll go fix another cup of coffee!


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