Sunday Morning Coffee: Finally Better

It’s been a long haul, but I think I’m finally getting better.  Didn’t have the flu, just a nasty cocktail of sinus, ear and throat infections resulting in laryngitis and extreme weariness.  Doc finally put me on Prednisone to reduce the inflammation in my throat. and I actually have a little bit of a voice again. Chose to stay home today for the sake of protection and resting the vocal cords and avoiding any further exposure that will make me sick all over again. I’m hoping to go back to work on Tuesday.

I hate being sick. Don’t we all?  This year’s bugs seem to be extremely tenacious, and I’m hearing horror stories about people who thought they were all well and then the bug circles back around to attack them again.  Another go-round with this particular cocktail of misery would  just be too much.

But–there’s always a silver lining.  Mine has been that there has been a lot more time for me to just be quiet, rest, and spend time on a writing project as well as spending more time with my Bible and some other reading.  I can honestly say that there’s been more conversation between me and the Lord this past three weeks than there has been since a year ago when I was out of commission for four months with my back.


So the question is, why do I have to be sick in order to get on a better prayer relationship with God than when I’m healthy?  Sad, right?  I guess the answer is that when we’re sick (but not comatose!)  we have more time to think about Him, to ponder on His great love and mercy toward us, and to realize how little we thank Him for what He has given us, both temporally and spiritually.  When we are healthy, we’re busy going about the business of day-to-day living. We kind of schedule Him into our daily routine. But when we’re sick, there is time to think, to read, to study and ponder.

Philippians 4:4-8 is very specific about telling us to rejoice always; to be thankful, to not worry, to pray about everything with supplication and thanksgiving. And it tells us what to think about–all that is good, right, holy, just, pure, truthful–Godly.  We’re to think about God, not just in illness but in health as well.

We–I–need to do better.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Finally Better

  1. I feel like the poor mouse that the cat slowly kills. After while he tries to get away but can hardly drag himself around any more. I did finish a book yesterday and started a frivolous little novella but I keep falling asleep. My fever has broken and I hope it stays that way. Time will tell. Three days in bed is about my limit! I am now sick of being sick.

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  2. Oh boy, do I ever understand that! I haven’t been in bed this whole time, but I’ve been doing a lot of sitting and occasional lying down. Bored with the lack of physical activity. Need to get my life back.


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