Dolphins and Pelicans

Yesterday (Wednesday)  we went on a dolphin cruise in the marshlands of the island. It was wonderful!  I love dolphins, and I wished my daughter were with us because she loves them too. We saw at least ten, maybe more, and at one point they were near enough our little boat for us to almost be able to touch them.


At times,  it seemed they were paralleling our boat. Then they would split off, submerge, and reappear some distance ahead of us. Our guide pointed out a pair like this one, a mama and her baby.

Then our guide took us to what looked like a sandbar, but was actually a clam dune of dead clams that have washed up over the years.  There were two sets of pelicans.  One set’s members were brown with yellow heads, and the other set were pure white with black tips on their wings.

It was a beautiful day, with the sun hiding now and then behind broken clouds. Got a little chilly when our guide  increased the speed, but I didn’t mind a bit.  To see all those dolphins, and have them come so close to the boat, was just so exciting!  It reminded me of the whale watch we did up at Bar Harbor several years ago, another breath-taking excursion.

God’s creation is so amazing.  I don’t know how anyone can truly believe that it “just happened,” with all the diversity and precision that exists. I remember Terry telling me about a science teacher he had years ago who encouraged his students to lie on their bellies and just watch one square foot of ground. The amount and variety of life Terry remembers observing was incredible. They all have their own systems, their own habitats, their own social groupings. No one will ever convince me that it was all due to evolution.

No.  There is a Master Designer, and He must have had such an amazing time putting His world together for us to enjoy.

I love it here.  People told me Hilton Head is special, and they were right.

I could write poetry about the incredible seafood we had last night, but I think I’ve already said enough 🙂

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