Sunday Morning Coffee: Hilton Head

We’re in a lovely condo with two couples we’ve know for years.  We were up late last night, so no one was stirring much this morning.  Late breakfast, and now we’re settling in for a time of Bible reading, maybe some singing, and prayer–our church service while we’re on vacation.

I’m already feeling more relaxed.  Slept like a rock last night.  We had no problems with our flight, except that the pilot took the plan north for a while to avoid a big flock of birds, probably geese. 276fe51200000578-0-image-a-122_1428681940414

Being with friends you’ve known for years is a delight.  This will  be a good week.

An hour later, we’re still talking about the things of the Lord.  Laughter, tears, shared blessings.

Yes, this will be a good week.


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