Well, Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. We were left with three happy grandchildren who seem to think staying overnight with us is some kind of  a treat 🙂  We had a very good day with family and close friends, way too much food, and a definite turkey torpor.

Before we ate, we all shared a favorite verse about praise or thanksgiving, and then we sang Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow.  I think it’s important for us to remember that Thanksgiving Day isn’t just about stuffing the turkey or our faces; rather, it is to take the time to remember how God has blessed us personally, and in our country, and in our freedom to worship God as we choose, and when and where we choose. There are those who would take that freedom away from us, as others who have their heads buried in the sand, trying to pretend we have no real enemies.

They’re going to be sadly surprised.

Well, I have a fairly calm day ahead. We’ll be eating yummy leftovers today, so my day will be a lot more lazy than it was yesterday 🙂

And I will NOT be out with all the other Black Friday shoppers. No way.



2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I’m glad you had a great day yesterday. Enjoy those leftovers! 🙂 I’m still whacking away at my Nanowrimo novel.
    I wish Canadian stores would leave Black Friday on your side of the border — but for retailers the world over it presents another excuse for a sale. In the city yesterday we saw signs saying:
    Black Friday Sale, Black Friday week sale Nov 18-24, and Pre-Boxing Day Sale.
    And the sale-weary shoppers trudged on. 🙂
    Freedom is a very important and wonderful gift/opportunity. If only everyone could find freedom from mental anguish and depression as well as physical peace and freedom.

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