Short One Today

I believe God created October to reward us for July and August.  The humidity and the heat of the summer months is very hard for me.  I know a lot of my PA friends look forward to it, but I don’t.  It makes what already hurts feel even worse.

October, on the other hand is a month of intense color, intense blue skies, moderate days and cool, refreshing nights. The  humidity lifts, the mosquitoes are about gone. We can turn of the AC, open doors and windows, and use the comforter at night.

It’s even a good time to go to the shore. The crowds are gone. You don’t have to keep averting your eyes from the mostly-naked women, and tubby old men in Speedos.  Good grief.

For those farther south, hurricane season is still in effect.  Right now, Nate is making its way toward New Orleans, which has been pounded over and over again in recent years. Up here, though, hurricanes typically don’t do much damage. We get the whippy ends at the outer arms of the monster.  Five years ago, Sandy did a lot of damage, unusual for us.

Anyway, it is during this month, and again in the flowering-tree season in May, that I am often reminded of the wonderful old hymn This is My Father’s World.


8 thoughts on “Short One Today

  1. marvel

    every season can be very beautiful and normally I do not feel sad because of summer is gone, even if I really prefer summertime. This year is the first year I´m feeling sometimes sad…but we have still lot of sun. I hope for you that the hurricans don´t destroy too much! Have a nice october!

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  2. I am still waiting for consitent crisp days of fall here. It has been hot and dry until we have some wonderful rain this week. I like spring best of all, but I don’t mind the autumn, Sept and Oct cool nights and days not too warm. I soak in the heat as much as I can because my bones don’t ache when it is hot or even warm.The older I get,the more joint pain. Autumn does reward us with marvelous displays of color. Since my daughter homeschools and my son-in-law is an IT man, they took a camping vacation last week in this wonderful moderate weather. They came back yesterday refreshed and rested. They go to one spot only and don’t travel.

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