Ignorance and Rebellion

Isaiah 27:11. “When the boughs thereof are withered, they shall be broken off: the women come, and set them on the fire: for it is a people of no understanding: therefore He that made them will not have mercy on them and He that formed them will shew them no favor.”

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It was usually the task of women and children to gather wood for the fire, so it was natural for Isaiah to refer to women in this context. He is speaking of the desolation of Babylon, and the statement that follows is chilling.

They have no understanding of God, His plan, or His ways. God will have no mercy upon them. He will show them no favor. They had chosen ignorance, rebellion, and persecution of Israel under Antichrist, and for those reasons God would show them no mercy.

I was scanning a news article yesterday about what some college students at Berkeley in California think free speech really means. Their interpretation is that if anyone says anything contrary to the liberal agenda, then that shouldn’t be allowed. The reason?  It hurts people’s feelings. However, if a left-leaning  person says something that offends someone, that’s okay because it’s the truth, and people need to learn to accept it and quit arguing.  In other words, choose ignorance and rebellion, and persecute those who get in your way.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


5 thoughts on “Ignorance and Rebellion

  1. marvel

    It´s so hard to say what is right and wrong. And ignorance does not protect against punishment, this is clear. Everyone has the right of free opinion and no one should react with hatred. It would be desirable if the opinions themselves
    based on considerations, knowledge and conscience and not on manipulation.

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    1. We certainly cannot manipulate God’s truth to fit our own desires or opinions. As I study God’s Word in order to teach it clearly on this blog, I am more impressed all the time that we need to recognize that there is no higher power than God Himself.

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      1. marvel

        You are right,granonine, thank you. That is a great advantage of faith in God. If everyone would believe, humanity would not have so many problems.
        In addition, God has given us a mind that we must use to follow his path. This should, of course, work in God’s sense otherwise you do not recognize the correct way.

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      1. marvel

        Yes, I mean to keep out of everything and close your eyes is nothing at all. To argue with others is also nothing at all. Freedom of opinion must be! So?
        The only solution is that human uses his mind, which is really important for the earth and its inhabitants …. the Bible as a usage instruction would certainly not be bad ….

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