Sunday Morning Coffee: I am Thankful

It’s a little later than  usual for writing my Sunday post. The reason:   I’m not quite ready for the ride to church, for sitting through two services, and the long ride home.  Too much sitting for the time being.


If you’ve been following my Bible study blog, you know I have a back that is slowly but surely disintegrating.  I now have both my sacroiliac joints fused. The one on the right side is the one that’s keeping me grounded for a few more days.  Surgery was a week ago Tuesday.

I’m doing well, really.  It’s an amazingly helpful procedure. My surgeon is one of the doctors who created and refined the surgery, which of course increases my confidence in him.

So today, I want to share with you some things for which I am thankful, things that have a direct bearing on my recent surgery and back issues. They won’t be in any particular order of importance, except for the first two.

First:  Knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.  That knowledge  has given me great peace and confidence over the past couple of pain-filled years. There will be more pain. It’s a degenerative condition that isn’t planning to go away any time soon. But I should be good for a while now, and I’m thankful.

Second:  Terry, my husband, who is a thoughtful and faithful caregiver. He has taken over all “my” chores for several months now. I literally have nothing to do at home except relax and allow him to take care of me.  Not being of a dependent nature, it has been a difficult lesson for me to sit down, shut up, and let him do his thing.

Other things for which I am thankful:  My church family and my pastor. They have faithfully prayed and expressed concern for me, sending  lots of cards and notes to encourage me.

I’m thankful for a comfortable bed, and for my new My Pillows, which have definitely lived up to the advertisements.

I’m thankful for my chiropractor, who has taken care of me for nearly 23 years. I’m pretty sure my condition would have been a lot worse a lot sooner without his expertise.

I’m thankful for my primary care doctor, who is patient with my efforts to keep my A1C at a healthy level.

I’m thankful for the three of my grandchildren who live only 30 minutes away–and their parents, of course 🙂  Last night they came up, brought supper, and two of our closest friends came to share it all with us.

I’m thankful for all the new friends I’ve made in cyberspace.  That’s a surprise I wasn’t expecting when I launched this, my first blog. It’s an added benefit that continues to surprise me.

I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned as I’ve blogged through several books of the Bible. When you study in order to write/teach, I’m convinced you learn a LOT more than your readers do!

I’m thankful for the homeschool co-op our church hosts. We start the fall semester on Sept. 8, and I’ll be teaching  Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.  I’ve certainly had plenty of time to study!

I’m just thankful this morning. God is good.  All the time.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: I am Thankful

  1. Jelli

    ALL the time GOD is GREAT! Amen! I’ve been six months down with a bad shoulder, losing more and more movement everyday. Friday, I finally got in to see a doctor who xrayed it. Told me I have severe tendonitis that extends from my neck all the way down to my hand. Very painful. We have to treat that before they can look to see if I’ve torn the rotator cup itself. Like you, I live with a degenerative disease in my joints. My faith keeps me moving through the daily pains. My hubby reminds me to take my pills. Life is good, and Saturday morning I got to have dawn prayers at an old mound where my gram and I used to go to pray. Watched the sunrise with the fog, and felt the Lord by my side. 🙂 <3. Keeping you in my prayers, Gran, everyday! ❤ ^^

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  2. You are certainly right about the teacher learning so much more than the listeners in the Bible study. Every week I want to give so much more but have a time restriction. At the same time, I become more and more responsible for what I have gained.

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