Sunday Morning Coffee: Hair

I was at a birthday party last night with some good  friends.  I got to reminiscing with a dear friend who is close to my age. We were talking about how long it used to take us to get ready for church on a Sunday morning.  Mostly it was all about hair.

We’re talking about the early  1970’s.  Hair was getting bigger,  taking us toward the 80s when there was more hair than  you could imagine.


Today, people would do this for a Halloween party 🙂  Everyone had a perm, because lots of curl and lots of body were very important.

It used to take a lot more time back then.  We tortured our hair with teasing, perms, hot rollers, and gallons of hairspray. To be on time for church, you had to give yourself about two hours of lead time. If there were also little kids to feed and dress, you needed even more.

So we were talking about how thankful we are for today’s simpler, low-maintenance styles.


All it takes today is a good cut, some practice with a blow-dryer and a round brush, and you’re done. If you’re fortunate enough to have some natural wave or curl, all you need after you shampoo is some mousse or other styling product. Put it in, let it dry, comb it out, and you’re out the door.

So I was thinking about all this; how styles change over time. Once we thought that big, big hair was the only way to look good. Now we  look back and wondered how we ever thought it was attractive. As my friend and I chatted and laughed, I was watching her face. Here is something that has never changed in the 40+ years we’ve known each other–her kindness, her faithfulness, her thoughtfulness. The years have left their mark on both of us, but our friendship remains unchanged. She and her husband, who is facing some very serious health issues,  have remained our friends through all the changes those years have brought. They’re part of our family.

Friends like that, no matter how other things may change, are a treasure.  A gift from God.

“Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other is gold.”



6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Hair

  1. Hey girlfriend! I loved the 80’s hair! I permed it and I highlighted it (that also helped give fine but think hair a little more body….again…the bigger the better!! Hot rollers…and you are right indeed…HAIRSPRAY…HAIRSPRAY! Man…did I look good as I walked out the door! LOL I pull up an old picture of myself with my sons and send it to one of them. As one is currently in San Diego in the Navy and the other is in Bahrain in the Navy. What is the FIRST thing they ALWAYS say? The ONLY thing they seem to notice? Not the cute thing about them…not how sweet they were….no…no…
    LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! I say..I know…it was awesome! LOL
    Now in my 50’s it is kept short and color free and perm free. Hairdryer and brush…and yeah…still need some spray.

    LOL Thanks for the chuckle this morning as I remember the past!

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