Sunday Morning Coffee: Connection

The wi-fi here comes through my PC, and my laptop is connected via wi-fi  Sometimes it takes a minute or two for the connection to happen, and I get the message:

“No connection. Check cables, router,”  etc. etc. etc. All I need to do is click on the wi-fi icon at the top of my page, and then click on my personal wi-fi network.  Good to go, literally in a matter of seconds.

Quick application?  Sure.  Lots of times, it takes my brain a few seconds to agree with my body that it’s time to wake up–and part of my waking routine is to spend a few seconds in prayer before my feet hit the floor.  Kind of a “good morning, Lord, please guide my thoughts, words and actions today.”

Sometimes, though,  I forget to do that. It’s usually a matter of just a few minutes before I realize I’m not connected, a few seconds more to rectify that situation. The difference in the computer situation is that I have to remember to flip on my PC before I can get wi-fi on my laptop.


God is always up and running. Day or night, 24/7, He is available and ready to work. I was so thankful for that this morning.  As I rolled to a sitting position, and my feet hit the floor, I felt that little tweak in my back that signaled trouble. I sat very still, praying for God to touch that place, and when I stood I did it with the support of my cane and my bedpost.

Stood still for a minute, stretched a little bit, and found I was good to go.

And that, my friends, is how an old lady with an old back has to do things sometimes. I’m thankful that my God is always connected. The only communication failure that happens between us is mine.


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