Sunday Morning Coffee: Back to Church

It’s going to be a short one this morning.  Terry’s fixing bacon and eggs for us for breakfast, an unusual and welcome treat.

I’m going back to church after three weeks out.  My back is once again settling down, and I think I’ll be okay.  I just have to remember to take my lumbar pillow to put between my swayback and the back of the pew.

Don’t know what swayback is? Here you go:


Or just think of a very old horse:

Anyway, it’s been a tough three weeks.   I’ve worked and come home and crawled into bed. Terry wants to know why I don’t just take off work when the back goes hinky on me. It’s because I can’t live with the guilt.  I’ve missed so much since October, and I especially hate to cancel on new clients that I’ve just started seeing.

I got one of those seat cushions that are supposed to take the pressure off your lower back and tailbone. We’ll see.

Anyway, a blessed and relaxing Sunday to all of you.  I hope you’ll find a place to attend a good church today, enjoy being with other believers, and have your soul encouraged by the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

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