Wisdom from God

My mother would have been nearly 92 today. Her birthday was May 16.  She was 87 when she went to heaven.

The temptation to write another eulogy to her today is strong, but I’ve done that before, more than once, so I think I’ll go somewhere else today.

I’ve been thinking about the biblical Eve.  Wondering how she learned to be a mother; wondering if Adam  and Eve came packaged with the instinct to be parents.

I’ve wondered especially how she dealt with the guilt she must have felt after eating that forbidden fruit and being expelled from their earthly paradise; and again, what must have been in her heart and mind when her first son killed her second son in a fit of jealousy and rage.

Surely she grieved the death of Abel, as any mother would grieve, I can only imagine her broken-hearted sobbing as they buried Abel, and waited to see what God would do with Cain.

There were no self-help books back then to guide her step-by-step through her process. There wasn’t a Bible. There weren’t any counselors with detailed training on grief and loss.  She had Adam. Even better, she had God.


We know she went on to have many more children. Some researchers, using biblical genealogy lists, estimate that Adam could have fathered at least 50 children, possibly more.  We don’t know if all of them were also Eve’s children, but we can be fairly certain that she mothered several more after Abel died.

So how did she do that? How did she go on, probably for at least a couple more hundred years, and provide the nurturing required of her?  As time passed and her children had children of their own,  how did she know what it was to be a grandmother? A great-grandmother?  She had no pattern set by her own mother or grandmother. No example to follow.

We have to remember that Eve, before she sinned, was the perfect woman. Unmatched in intellect, wisdom,  and a personal knowledge of God.

And right there is the answer to all my questions.  God did not remove Himself from relationship with Adam and Eve after they sinned. He did set boundaries that hadn’t existed until after they sinned, and the fellowship they had with Him changed. There were no more walks with God in the Garden in the cool of the evening.

There was, however, prayer. Direct-to-God, no mediator needed, heartfelt, seeking, sometimes desperate prayer. I believe both Adam and Eve were perhaps the best pray-ers who ever lived. After all, they had known God personally. Their experience with Him was unique, their understanding of Him different from all those who came after them. I believe that He taught her what she needed to know,  and/or guided her through the hard places when she didn’t know what to do.

Wisdom, after all, comes from God.  Then, now, and always.

James 1:5.”If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”



3 thoughts on “Wisdom from God

  1. First blog I have read this morning!
    I am betting it will be the best one today!

    I think it was beautifully written.

    It was very thought provoking.

    I have thought a lot about the scriptures with Adam and Eve before but never as you have now caused me to think of them.

    As a mother and now a grandmother, I have often grieved deeply over wishing I had of done things differently. Been a better mother. Regretting working so much as they grew up. Yet, being a single mom and trying to keep food in their stomachs and a roof over their heads I did what I felt was right at the time. It was not because I wanted a career but instead was simply because I feared losing my job all together if I wasn’t the best I could be. I had no earthly support, it was me and my boys! I used to pray, “Dear God, please whatever You do, please don’t let me die in a car accident or get sick with a deadly disease until my boys are grown and can live on their own.” You see they had different dads and neither had any relationship with them. My mom at the time was a stranger from us. I had a good mom and dad and then when my dad died when I was 28, my mom went off the deep end and our relationship went to nothing. No brothers or sisters. I had always been able to count on knowing my dad was there and would take care of whatever might happen. My daddy would keep us from falling into catastrophe! Suddenly I found myself without anyone and I was suddenly going to have to be a grownup and make sure my boys had what they needed and I could no longer get lazy and as I juggled balls in the air, not ONE BALL could fall any longer. NOTHING could be missed.

    I am so thankful though. Had my daddy not died when he did I wouldn’t have been forced to look up into the heavens and cry out to God Almighty! I wouldn’t have began to seek Him as I had never before. I wouldn’t have been forced to need to totally rely on God by faith in a way I had never known. I wasn’t brought up in church or even in a family that said much about God at all other than growing up hearing His Holy name taken in vain as a cuss word. I had always felt this pull to know who God was, even as a child. Didn’t know my dads mom, my grandmother much at all except to know she was very religious and mom and dad were different people around them and I suppose that is why we didn’t go around them much when I was a kid. I don’t remember her ever giving me really anything for birthdays or Christmas. They didn’t have much and were very old in my eyes. They were simply farmers. BUT, she had bought me this really nice bible once. Not sure how old I was, maybe around 13 or 14. I know it was a nice very soft leather bound bible. I would carefully put it back into the box when I was finished reading something out of it. I wanted it to stay like new. I can still see that bible if I close my eyes. That particular bible was stolen from me. When I was 16 I ran away from home. I had my clothes and the boxed bible and all my other important things like my makeup and hot rollers in plastic garbage bags and they ended up in the trunk of my boyfriends car and his family ended up stealing my bags from his car and I ended up with nothing but the clothes on my back! Ha.
    Back to my point. I had this tug on my heart for this God that I had never known. All along the journey during the young years of my life God was always there. Bringing little nuggets into my life along the way. Someone came to my door one day and talked to me about Jesus. She visited me several times and ended up giving me another bible. Not a beautiful leather one like my grandma had given me, but nonetheless I loved it and used it as a nicknak (really). I found a place around the middle and opened it up and displayed it on top of the console TV I had. God KNEW one day it would be used for far more than a display. As things got tough I would begin reading it. That bible (at 52 years old I do still have it), but that became broken (it was hardbound) and worn out and I had some pages torn and taped. I love the Lord God and not a day goes by that I am not almost constantly thinking about Him and wishing I were not such a disappointment to Him. I wish the old man in me would be totally gone and the new man in Christ Jesus that is in me would be the only one I ever saw. I still struggle. It saddens me. It seems the past few years as I have felt a larger urgency in my spirit that time is short that suddenly work has become harder. Life is harder. I have struggled daily to survive. I feel more and more alone in this world. My sons won’t hardly speak to me because I try to make them see they need God and time is short. They don’t want to hear it. My husband does not want to hear it. WordPress has become my place to share. To be with like minded brothers and sisters.

    Sorry, back to your blog. I beat myself up over my mistakes. This blog was very deep to me. Thinking of what Eve must have went through being the first at everything. The guilt of being thrown out of the garden and your husband too. I am not so sure I could have handled it.

    Thank you for your blog today and thank you for listening to me. (I have actually had tears stream down my face…..good grief! LOL). God bless you and happy Mother’s Day to you dear sister!

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    1. My dear sister in Christ, I’m so glad you found me! You know, my work is that I’m a therapist in a Christian counseling office. Your story is one that I’ve heard before, with variations in the details. I’m so sorry for the many hard trials you’ve had to face. I am putting you on my prayer list, and one of the things I will pray for is that God will send you a friend who will comfort you and be someone you can talk with about the things of the Lord.

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