Israel’s Future

Isaiah 14:1. “For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.”

Image result for Isaiah 14:1

We’re moving again to the far future verb tense, and seeing Israel as it will be during the Millenial Kingdom. Following the cycle that Israel chooses for all of its history–self-will, rebellion, idolatry the causes God to use Gentile powers to punish them; the arrogance and cruelty of those Gentile powers brings His judgments upon them when Israel has once again chosen to return to God;His covenant mercy in the fulfillment of His promises to Israel ending in Israel’s final restoration; Israel becomes a blessing to the Gentile nations.

The Millenium is the final restoration of Israel, and the whole world will  enjoy the results of Israel’s obedience and restoration to God. This is the when we will truly be able to sing, Joy to the world, the Lord is come!  Let earth receive her king! Let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing!

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