Singing the Blahs

You know how sometimes you have a day in which you just don’t care?  Don’t want to do a thing but indulge yourself in books, tea, and maybe something sweet?  So you let everything else  go begging–cleaning, laundry, shopping–all the mundane things of your normal  life. They’ll be there when you come back from your selfie-day.  Your ME time, which is a term I find utterly ridiculous. Women need to realize that they’ll have plenty of “me time”  at a later point in life.  You have to work for it, earn it. The cool thing about taking a day off now, at this point in my life, is that it really doesn’t hurt anyone else. I don’t have children who need to be cared for, and Terry has never been a high-maintenance guy.  He’d rather be the caregiver than the care-receiver, which is a blessing for me when my back plays havoc with my life.


So I indulged myself yesterday, took my day off. Read, watched some funny retro TV. Took enough time to get supper under way, but took the easy way and stuck it in my slow cooker. Nice. If I had to account for every minute of my day, I’d be in trouble.

So am I all energized, full of plans, rushing forward into a day of productive activity?

Nope.  The biggest trouble with indulging myself is that I just want to do it all over again the next day.  That would be today.  And Terry is  gone for several hours today, so there’s no one being all industrious and making me feel guilty.

Actually, I do feel guilty.  I’ve got the lazy woman blues.  And there’s a Matlock mystery marathon on ALL DAY today.  Yikes.  It started seven minutes ago, and this first episode is one I haven’t seen before. So I’m watching it. After that, maybe I’ll redeem myself by finding something important to do.

I’ve got the lazy woman blu-hues!

Can’t think of nothin’ good to dooo-hooo!

Don’t want to move my lazy bo-hones!

I’m here at ho-ome all alo-hone,

Not even talkin’ on the  pho-hone!

Oh yeah, I’ve got the lazy, crazy doin’  nothin’ blues  🙂


5 thoughts on “Singing the Blahs

  1. That was me yesterday. But today I AM energized and looking forward to an afternoon with my grandson who is going to drive me around and carry the heavy things like bags of mulch. Things I can’t bring home on the bus! Most of all, I am looking forward to his company. My date for the afternoon is 19 years old! And he doesn’t show one smidgen of minding that he is driving his Nana around and going to Steak and Shake with her. What a blessing!

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