Sunday Morning Coffee: Normality

We enjoyed having our grands over for the day yesterday.  The main event  was a trip to see an old friend who has a horse.  He also has a buggy, which he let each one drive. This was a very big deal. There were some other projects that got some attention, and it was a good day.  When their parents came and took them home, the house seemed  terribly quiet.  It wasn’t long, though, before I  was very comfortable to the return of normality.  We’ve become much quieter in our old age unless Terry is running some kind of electric tool or pounding away at some task.

Sometimes, especially when we’re young, we long for excitement and adventure.  Nothing wrong with that. Those are high points in our memories that we like to reflect over as our lives march on. Some people never lose that thirst for adventure.  More power to them.  That’s their normal.

My normal is the calm, the peace, the security of my very good marriage, my unpretentious home,  my books, my friends, my church.  All of these things are dependable, When things get stirred up a bit, that’s a good thing too. I just don’t want to be stirred up all day every day.

I remember a message I heard years ago at a women’s conference.  The speaker was someone with whom I felt a great kinship.  She was practical, funny, straightforward. Sometimes she was loud.  Always, she was biblically-centered. Here is what she said that has stayed with me:

“It is a great thing to have mountaintop experiences, in both our day-to-day and our spiritual lives.  For some of you, this conference is a mountaintop experience. Perhaps you’ve learned something new, or you have a renewed love for God. That’s great! Enjoy! But remember, you can’t live on the top of a high mountain.  Above the tree line, there’s not enough food, water, or oxygen to sustain life.  Jesus went to the mountain top to rest and be alone, but then He came back down to feed the people. That’s what we need to do. Get refreshed, get renewed, but then go back home and share it with the people in your life.” (Marlene Evans)

This is not a direct quote, but it’s pretty close.  It was a long time ago.

What I want to emphasize here is that normality is a good thing.  The highs are good, too, but we don’t live our lives on a constant high.

Praise God for you mountaintops, but also remember to be thankful for the normal in your life.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!



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