Sunday Morning Coffee: The Nosebleed Section

So I had a nosebleed on Saturday morning.  It’s been years, and it took me by surprise.  It was a doozie, and reminded me of the ones I used to have when i was a kid, and even  into my college years.

I was a waitress in the campus dining hall for a while.  One night, I grabbed a bowl of vegetables that had been sitting on the warming shelf, and it was red HOT!  It burned my fingers pretty badly, partly because I took the time to set the bowl down instead of just dropping it.  One of the kitchen guys grabbed me and stuck my hand into some ice water, holding it there long after I wanted to take it out.  Smartest thing he could have done.

I went to the school nurse, who bandaged me up and gave me something a little stronger than aspirin.  I went back to my dorm room and flopped on my bed.  I fell asleep pretty quickly, and woke up when my roommates came in around 9:30. I went down the hall to the communal bathroom, fitted out with a long row of sinks. I turned on the cold water, using my good hand, and splashed my face.  My nose immediately gushed like Old Faithful, making an awful mess down the front of my robe and in the sink. Some of the other girls  turned a lovely shade of green, but one of them  tried to come to my aid.  I assured her it was just a nosebleed, and I knew what to do.  The thing  that was so upsetting to the others seemed to be my bandaged hand, which the nurse had urged me to wear in a sling to keep me from bumping it. They  thought I’d been in an accident or something.

Well, I guess I had.  It was one of the more memorable nosebleeds I’d ever had, for sure.

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s funny how normal events can turn one’s mind to spiritual things.

As I applied pressure to my nose and waited for the bleeding to stop, I thought about the life-giving  blood that we all depend upon, yet some of us get  a bit queasy when we see it  coming from someone else. I thought about all we’ve learned about blood, and all that we still don’t know.

And of course I thought about the blood of Jesus, shed so horribly and yet so lovingly in our behalf. The cleansing, eternal-life-giving blood that  paid the penalty for the sin of all mankind. The importance of His blood to our faith, because if He had not been able to die, to shed His blood, we could not be saved. If He had not come to earth as God in the flesh, He could not have died. The importance of His God/man status  cannot be overstressed, and the importance of His blood sacrifice  is equally vital.

We used to sing hymns about the blood of Jesus a lot more often than we do now.  Here’s one I learned as a child, still just as meaningful now as it was then:


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