Sunday Morning Coffee: After the Storm

We had a doozie of a storm yesterday, toward evening.It came on fast, wore itself out fast. We’ve had unusually warm temps for this time of year, but it’s back down to a more normal 33 degrees at this moment. Any tulips that were thinking of pushing through the soil have most likely pulled the covers back up and are catching a few more ZZZZZ’s.

As it raged and blew and dumped torrents of water yesterday, I was reminded of Hurricane Sandy that came through 4 1/2 years ago.  We just caught the tail end of that one, and still it uprooted huge trees and did a lot of other damage. We really have no control at all over the weather.

I love storms, always have. There’s just something about the unleashed power of wind, thunder, lightning, rain, or snow that makes me keenly aware of the mighty God Who governs it all, and reminds us every now and then that we are pretty puny.

And of course, as I always do during a storm, I thought of this great old gospel song:

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