Sunday Morning Coffee: A Random Ramble

(This is one of the earliest in my Sunday Morning Coffee series, which I’m still writing. I’m nearly 74 now. Terry will be 78 next month. Other than that, not a lot has changed. We are both thankful that, in spite of physical problems, God has enabled us to be fairly active and busy. These have, by and large, been quiet years for us. I think Terry would agree with me that the “empty nest syndrome” has not been a problem here. I do wish my three sons were not spread all around the globe, but my daughter’s family is only half an hour away. Terry and I both spend a great deal more time in the Bible than we did during our busiest years, and often share with each other what we have read/learned in the course of our reading. These years have not been uneventful, just quieter than when all four kids were home. That’s as it should be. There is a time and a season for everything, and we are at the place in our lives where we can look back and see God’s leading clearly, every step of the way. There will be a new Sunday Morning Coffee post tomorrow morning, and on Monday I will start a new study in the book of Colossians.)

Sunday mornings are usually the only days I’m up before Terry is.  Takes me longer to face the public than it does him. And it gives me time to enjoy a quiet hour, savoring my coffee, writing this post.

I didn’t look forward to early Sunday mornings so much back when he was up and gone to make sure all the buses got off on time at church. We had a big bus ministry, and he was the mechanic in charge. Huge job.  It left me, though, on my own to deal with four hungry kids,  two of whom needed help getting dressed. I also tried to get Sunday dinner under way because they’d all be starving by the time we got home from church.

Those were busy years. It was a big church, and I was involved in the music program. I also taught a Sunday school class of 9th grade girls back then, and we tried to have people in for Sunday dinner when we could.  I loved all of it.  I had the energy for it, and because i’m pretty organized by nature, things seemed to get done in a timely manner. We were never late. Terry would get back home for breakfast once the buses were all on their way, and he’d help with whatever chores remained.


These days, I just take care of myself. We don’t usually eat a big Sunday dinner any more. I’m still up early, because the church we attend now is about 40 minutes away, but my Sunday mornings are quiet. Time for my coffee, time for my Bible, time for my blog. It’s a good things, because I don’t have the energy at 69 that I did at 29.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life changes lately.  We all know changes are coming, but we don’t expect them, often, to come quite the way they do.  I sure didn’t expect to have the physical difficulties that I live with now. Neither did Terry. When he broke his heel over four years ago, we certainly couldn’t predict how much it would change his life.

I’m reading in Genesis right now, and I’m taking my time going through the begats and the length of years those folks lived back then. We consider 80 or 90 to be a good long life. They were just getting started at that age. I’ve wondered what it was like to live for 500 years, 600, 800, sometimes even 900 and change. Did the women bear children when they were 500 years old?  Hmm.  Maybe I don’t want to think about that.

It was different, for sure. Life has certainly changed since then, as we see more and more the results of sin and depravity affecting the life span as well as the world around us.The wars in which we engage are far more costly than they used to be. Even the way we eat limits our lifespan, or at least the degree of good health we enjoy.

As you can see, I’m kind of random this morning.  Lots of things going through my mind and ending up coming out of my fingers.

The one constant for all of my life has been Jesus Christ. I trusted Him for salvation when I was only five.  I am, and always have been, keenly aware of His presence for almost 65 years.

The other constant, for over 47 years, has been Terry. Sometimes I allow myself to consider how my life will change if he dies before I do. I’m of a practical turn of mind, and I need to be prepared. The changes, though, are inevitable.

Of course my children and their children are other constants in my life. They are always running in the background of my days. They are changing, too. My oldest “child” will be 47 in August. His oldest child will be 20 in the fall.

Time seems to me to be condensing. I see it as all packed together tightly. As I approach 70, I am amazed at how quickly I reached this point.

Do I have a point this morning?  Apparently not 🙂

Praying you all have a blessed Sunday.  Enjoy church, if you’re a church-going person. Take some time to ponder on the God Who created all things, and be thankful.



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