Sunday Morning Coffee: A Little More on Politics

Once I get this off my chest, I think I can promise you I won’t be posting much more about this past election cycle. None of what I’m about to say is brand new; it’s just that I need to say it. So here goes:

The Electoral College:  It is NOT outdated. It works much like our House and Senate, a system that was a compromise worked out among the first 13 or so states so that there was some semblance of equality for the less-populated states.  Think about it this way:  If you are a member of a family in which everyone over 18 has a vote, and 2/3 of the family is over 18, and you were only 12, guess who wins every single time?  Not you! In fact, even if you were to  palaver with every family member and managed to persuade one or two to vote your way,  this is a pure democracy where the majority always rules. You lose. ALL the time. The Electoral College is made in each state according to population.  One elector per 100,000 people. Each state’s rules are pretty much the same, barring some differences about whether or not the votes are bound by the way each state votes in its primary. What this system does is make for parity among the populous and less-populous states. In other words, New York and California do not get to make all the rules for all the rest of us all the time. This is a good thing.(By the way, pure democracy, historically, has always led to anarchy.  America is NOT a pure democracy, was never intended to be so.  It is a democracy IN A REPUBLIC–and that means representative lawmaking.)

Trump is not a real President:  I have to scratch my head about this one.  Maybe what people mean by that is that he’s not a real politician. I won’t argue with you there.  As far as being a legitimate President, though, he jumped through all the hoops; and the map of Red vs. Blue from his recent election is overwhelmingly Red.Major exceptions include New York and California. Are you seeing a pattern here yet?

Are you a Trump supporter, Linda?  If you’re asking me if I voted for him, that’s not really any of your business. I don’t have a lot of respect for him in the way he’s lived his life. Three wives isn’t a particularly positive thing. I don’t know much about how he’s run his businesses.  I do know that a lot of the people (big money people, especially) who are now crying “Foul!”  used to be on his party list, and he was on theirs. That would include the Clintons, by the way, who now refer to him in extremely vulgar terms. Honestly, I wish there had been a candidate whose moral character I could admire, like Ben Carson or Ted Cruz.  I am a “Trump supporter” now only in the sense that he IS my legally-elected President. Time will tell if he can overcome great resistance in his own party to accomplish what he has promised.

Protests: Sure, everyone has the right to peaceful assembly to protest something they see as completely wrong. Remember how the Conservatives demonstrated when Clinton was elected?  Obama?  Remember how they smashed windows, set fires, looted stores, and just generally created chaos?  NO? You don’t remember that?  Right. It didn’t happen. The Party of Tolerance hasn’t been very tolerant.  I’m not impressed.

Hillary: She came off like a little sweetheart when she wasn’t pitching a temper fit, but from everything I’ve read, the temper tantrum is more her usual style. I don’t think we need a cursing, screaming lamp-thrower in the White House. And we certainly don’t need Slick Willy back there, cruising for interns. But putting that all aside, my problems with Hillary are that she stands AGAINST everything I stand FOR. Here is just one example, which you can listen to if you have a strong stomach.  If not, you’ll get the kernel of her position on abortion in the accompanying copy:

So if people like me MUST change their convictions and beliefs, my question is:  Or what?  What if I don’t?Are you going to start sacrificing Bible-believing Christians to the god of Sex Without Consequences? Throw us in jail and feed us bread and water until we change our minds? Are you going to make it illegal for Christians to  talk about what they believe?  Everyone else can, but not us?

How is that okay?  She says she will never stop believing in our government.  I think she stopped believing in it long ago. She’s on a radical, feminist train that is pulled by the engine of socialist, godless philosophy where only the duly brainwashed liberal is allowed to make any decisions about where all the rest of us go. And she has never hesitated to lie, cheat, and possibly be complicit in murder to accomplish her goals. I’m wondering if the body count will continue to grow, or if she’ll just give up now that she’s lost. Again. And I have to ask, don’t you Hillary supporters get it, that she did this to herself?  And you, with your sniffy “We know what’s best, Hollywood is the cornerstone of American society” attitude?  You helped defeat her. You really did.

The best thing I can say about her, and Obama too, is that they both seemed to behave themselves with decorum and grace at the inauguration. It can’t have been easy for either of them. I’m pretty sure it was a bitter pill for some so-called Republicans, too.

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