Sunday Morning Coffee: Recovering

It has certainly  been an interesting week.  It seemed to both Terry and me that the doctor’s comments were that  after 48 hours I could resume normal  activity. Maybe someone a lot younger than I would have been able to do so. Not me.

I’m not going to bore you with an organ recital.  Nor will I offer to show you my scar 🙂 Just be assured that I was not expecting this past week to be as uncomfortable and difficult as it has been; however, on the up-side, I think I’ve turned the corner and I have high hopes that this coming week will be vastly better.

The best thing, the goal of the surgery, has happened. The deep, grinding, aching and sometimes sharp pain  is gone.  That in itself has made this week of discomfort well worth it. When the incision is all healed up, I’m looking forward to enjoying walking without pain. It’s been a long time.


Pain is a part of life, isn’t it? Life starts in pain, at least for the mother.  There is pain throughout the life span, and that’s a good thing.  If we didn’t experience pain we would not quickly realize that we have something wrong. Pain is an important warning that something needs our attention. This can be a physical problem, or a relationship issue, or a spiritual need. It is important to pay attention to all three, but for me, when I am out of sorts with the Lord, that is  a pain I have to deal with immediately.

What are the “pain” warnings for being in trouble with the Lord?  Well, it’s hard to describe. Mostly, it’s just an unsettled, out-of-sorts  feeling that makes me miserable until I take care of business. Sometimes, He speaks to me through the Bible when I’m writing my blog or doing my personal  reading.  Sometimes, He speaks through a sermon at church, or  a song that touches my heart and makes me realize I have some confessing and repenting to do. I find that the longer I know Jesus, the more sensitive I am to His heart and mind toward me. It’s a very personal relationship, and one  I am more thankful for every day. Another pain warning  is when I find myself putting off my personal reading of the Word, and don’t feel like praying.

We need to heed the pain. It is vital to our health to pay attention, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual.


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