The Day after Surgery

I won’t be posting in Isaiah today. The energy just isn’t there. I had a small surgery yesterday, a left-side sacroiliac fusion procedure.  Everything went perfectly, and I was home just three hours from the time the procedure began.  Amazing  what doctors can do these days.


I’m sore, of course, from the incision, but I’m taking pain meds and antibacterial meds, so I’m just a tad dopey.  My husband would say, “No more than usual”  🙂

I’m so glad the long wait is over.  Three months of waiting for a procedure that took about 1 1/2 hours!

Was it worth it?

Oh,  you betcha!


7 thoughts on “The Day after Surgery

  1. Jen Baker

    I am having the SI joint fusion surgery in December after waiting since February praise God. I would love to hear about your recovery, I am a teacher on my feet all day.

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    1. Jen, two years later and a second surgery on the right side, that particular pain is gone. Praise the Lord! It was a quick surgery, and fast recovery, and such a tremendous relief.

      However, I have other issues in my lower back that are not so easily remedied. I am doing pretty well right now, and am thankful for every good day. The biggest piece of advice I have for you is to start walking for relaxation and exercise, not because you’re already on your feet all day. Or swim. Low impact, strengthen muscles, helps with stiffness. Prayers and very best wishes headed your way 🙂


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