A Raging Flood

Isaiah 8:5-7. “The Lord spake also unto me again, saying, Forasmuch as this people refuseth the water of Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah’s son: Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Assyria, and all his glory; and he shall come up over all his channels and go over all his banks:”

You can read some interesting information about the “water of Shiloah” here, if  you’re interested:


Image result for what are the waters of shiloah

Because the people of Judah and their king, the stubborn Ahaz, refused the peaceful, nourishing waters of Shiloah, there would be terrible consequences.  They could have turned to God, but they chose instead to trust instead in kings in other lands to protect them. Ahaz foolishly made what he thought was a pact with Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria;  God, however, likens Assyria to a raging, out-of-control river in full flood that would consume the land of Judah.

The waters of Shiloah had been divinely provided at Zion and Moriah, and were symbolic of God’s promises concerning the throne and lineage of David.  Those promises would be kept in spite of Judah’s rebellion, but there would be great suffering in the meantime.

God always keeps His promises, in spite of our arrogant disobedience. However, we are not spared His displeasure when we choose against Him. We should pay attention.

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